Fun & Interesting Ideas for Your Child’s Book Club

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As an adult, you know how hard it can be to make new friends, especially ones that you connect with. That’s why you should help your children nurture strong relationships with others and a kid’s book club is a great way to go about it.

ideas for you child book club

In addition to making sure they have something new and exciting to read and learn from, a book club can provide kids with entertainment and help them form lifelong bonds. If this sounds like a project you want to start here are a few fun & interesting ideas for your kid’s book club.

Great Ideas for Your Child’s Book Club

Themed Book Club

One interesting thing to do that might surprise the kids is a surprise themed book club. The idea is to turn the meeting place where the club meets into something that resembles the story the club is reading that week or month. Granted, it might get hard to do this every time, so be sure not to make this a habit but it is a nice surprise.

Of course, you can also make this a team effort instead if you do not want to surprise them. You want to give the kids the supplies to turn their reading tent, playhouse, or treehouse into what they are reading. This is a good way to go and lessens the amount of work you have to put in, which is always a good thing.

Go on a Field Trip

Some books are set in fantastical places that no one can get to but that is not the case for every book. Perhaps a good idea would be a trip to the location where a particular book was set. Now, you are going to have to get together with the other parents in your kid’s book club to plan something this big.

You might want to do this only once a year or whatever works for you. This is yet another way to make some of the books these kids are reading feel much more realistic. Do not be afraid of settings that are too fantastic because you can get creative. For example, a setting in space could mean a trip to a space-centered museum near you or a public observatory.

Characters Come to Life

Another interesting idea is to give the book club an opportunity to be the characters they are reading about. All you have to do is figure out the book week costumes and let the kids take it from there. For one, the costumes are going to help the kids feel like their stories are real, which will likely be pretty wild for them but can also make reading a little more exciting.

Giving kids an opportunity to be the characters in the book could also help them read the stories in character. You may unintentionally help these kids develop a love for theater and that is a good thing too. Try to see if you can encourage the kids to use these costumes to put on a play after reading the story, which continues to further their understanding of the story they just read. It should be noted that acting helps kids become more empathetic because it helps them put themselves in other people’s shoes.

These are pretty big gifts, so it’s okay to add smaller gifts from time to time, like bookmarks or stickers related to the stories that are being read that week. There are a number of different gifts that you can consider in between these larger gifts. Again, make sure that you get all parents involved, and take turns with the kinds of gifts you guys gift. In the end, you are just trying to help the kids get more excited about literature so it’s all worth it.

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