How to Make Moving with Kids a Good Experience

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How to Make Moving With Kids a Good Experience

Moving with kids can be stressful and challenging. However, moves are usually hard on children. They’re impacted by leaving friends, changing schools, adjusting to a new location, and routine disruption. Nonetheless, finding ways to help your kids transition can be helpful. Since the process can be difficult for you, turning it into an exciting and positive activity can make it an enjoyable experience for everyone. Here’s how to make moving with kids a good experience for all.

1.Take time to prepare

Moving is emotionally and physically exhausting. Along with ensuring that everything is organized and properly packed, you must help your kids cope with the emotions of moving from the place they’re accustomed to. Since this process can overwhelm the whole family, you should take time to prepare everyone, especially the young ones, for the move. With kids, you also need sufficient time to complete all the moving-related tasks without much stress.

Your preparation time should include unplanned delays and sudden or unexpected events, including goodbyes, kids breaking down, and more. Luckily, our relocation team can help pack and move your belongings. This leaves you with time to spend with the kids to make them feel secure while assisting them to cope better with the expected change.

2.Talk to the kids about the move

Regardless of where you’re moving, talking to your children about it is a must because relocation is usually a significant change for them. Discussing the move in advance can allow them time to process and get used to the news. Tell the children why you’re moving and focus on what can be exciting for them to make them feel positive about it. explain to them what will change and what will remain the same. Since the kids might not be optimistic about relocating, prepare to embrace their feelings, including anger, confusion, or sadness.

3.Visit the new home

Showing the new home helps them envision what life there will be like. Arrange a walk around the new neighborhood or a tour of the new house. You can also take them to their new school, local parks, or other places that excite them and make them feel at home. If visiting the new area isn’t possible, show them photos, video tours, or a digital map. Also, you can together explore pictures of the new school, town, local landmarks, or anything that can boost your kids’ confidence regarding the move.

4.Get the children involved in the moving process

Involving your kids in moving can help minimize stress and make the relocation more fun. Since moving includes decluttering your home, you can allow the children to decide what to donate, throw away, or keep. Let them decorate the moving boxes, including marking or putting stickers. Once everything is packed, you must clean the house. Getting everyone involved in this task can be fun, especially for the young ones.

5.Hold a goodbye party

While goodbyes can be difficult, hosting a goodbye party for your children can be helpful. This allows them to bid goodbye to neighbors, friends, and classmates, giving them closure.


Moving can be challenging and stressful for everyone involved, mainly children. However, what you do to prepare them impacts how they’ll take it. Implement these tips to make moving with kids a good experience for all.

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