21 Delightful Summer Crafts For Kids

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When looking back on our childhoods, there were plenty of fun days in the summer. There was so much time to play, once school was off. At some point, though, boredom became a risk.

Delightful Summer Crafts For Kids
Bored children can make messes, argue, and generally be a bit of a pain. The following are some new, unique, delightful summer crafts for kids, to help you keep them entertained this summer… Give them a try, together!

1. The Best Homemade Slime You Can Make

I Heart Naptime
Homemade slime is all-the-rage for kids today, and there are a lot of recipes out there. This is one of the best… make a squishy, hardy putty they can knead and play with, together!

2. Unique and Entertaining Bubble Painting DIY

Typically Simple
Among children, bubbles are quite popular. They are sure to enjoy colorful bubbles even more, especially if they can use them to create artwork!

3. Homemade Toxin-Free Puffy Paint DIY

Meaningful Mama
This is a twist on your classic paint, adding some tactile wonder. This homemade puffy paint applies and dries in 3D, for fun-to-make and unique artwork.

4. Show Your Kids How To Make A Bird Feeder

The Spruce Crafts
Teach your kids kindness and generosity, while having fun. They can make their own bird feeders, and watch later on as grateful birds visit for the snack.

5. Weave Popsicle Sticks Together For A Basket DIY

Design Improvised
Woven baskets have entertained kids for hundreds of years now. To get them started, try this super simple popsicle stick basket weave! This can be used to hold plants, crayons, etc.

6. Introduce Polymer Clay Can Bake

This is such a fun one. My mom introduced my family to polymer clay when I was 8. My little brothers and I made tiny hamburgers, cupcakes, odd doll-like characters… and you could bake them, and they were done. You would not have to worry about an accidental squish. And you can make whatever!

7. Entertain Your Kids With A Paper Spinner

Red Ted Art
My grandma made these with butterfly wings when I was a kid myself. They are lots of fun to twist, release, and watch twirl. And so easy to make!

8. Homemade Stained Glass Window

And Next Comesl
Every parent has had crayons on their wall. It’s not exactly ideal. This is a great alternative for children that are artistic: a homemade stained glass window!

9. Turn An Ordinary Hair Clip Into A Magical Mermaid Fin

Finding Zest
This is a magical idea for any long-haired boy or girl. If your kids love mermaids or bling (or both), teach them how to decorate a hair clip to look like a mermaid fin.

10. Homemade Soap Rainbow

Art Bar
My 10-year-old little brother loves to make soap… like man kids, he is a very tactile little fellow! He loves the color and the smell, and it makes him feel important to create something he can give away as a useful little gift… maybe your kid will also enjoy this craft: a homemade soap rainbow!

11. Fun and Pretty Multicolored Chalk

Laughing Kids Learn
Perhaps you have seen multicolored chalk at the store. Isn’t it beautiful? Sometimes the price is not right, however. Luckily, you can make some pretty multicolored chalk yourself, at home. Teach your kids how, and entertain yourself by drawing together!

12. Teach Your Kids How To Make A Dandelion Crown

Fire Flies And Mud Pies
Dandelions are beautiful, and beloved by little boys and girls alike (make a wish!). Teach your kids how you can weave some of these bright, cheerful flowers into a magnificent flower crown!

13. Bonding By Gardening Together

Diy Network
You can bond with your kids by gardening together. Let them choose some of their favorite fruits and veggies to plant, and include crafty little name markers for the seeds, etc. This is also a wonderful way to teach them to appreciate nature, and that a little hard work will pay off.

14. Unique Crayon Candle Craft

Party Inspiration
Among kids, crayons are quite popular. Show them how to take these familiar drawing utensils and turn them into a candle that is unique and colorful.

15. Easy and Colorful Tye-Dye DIY

Happiness Is Homemade
Have you ever done tye-dye art before? Your kiddo is sure to be a fan. They can choose the colors to want, to create a completely custom design they can be proud to wear.

16. Kids Love To Make Popsicle Chalk

Project Nursery
This is a summer craft for kids that couldn’t be simpler. All that you need is an ice tray and some chalk!

17. Simple And Adorable Ladybug Window Cling DIY

One Little Project
Window clings are so much fun. They are basically pieces of homemade stained glass, which you can form into whatever shapes you like. These then stick (temporarily) onto the window. This allows kids lots of room to get creative… and they can proudly showcase their art on the window!

18. Teach Your Kids How To Make Art With A Squirt Gun

Somewhat Simple
What kid doesn’t like a squirt gun? Well, squirting other kids with them, anyway… This is a way to use squirt guns that involves less drama, and is ultra-creative!

19. Create A Tiny Backyard River With Tinfoil

3 Little Greenwoods
I have never heard of this one before! Every kid enjoys floating boats down a river… but not every kid has access to a river. Instead, you can make a homemade backyard river, out of tinfoil, and float your paper boats down. Who knew?

20. Make A Fun And Harmless Slingshot Out of A Pool Noodle

Frugal Fon For Boys And Girls
Slingshots are something kids (especially boys) never seem to get tired of. However, you obviously don’t want them to hurt each other. Instead, you can make a harmless slingshot out of a pool noodle. These are soft, bouncy, and fun!

21. Have Your Kids Craft Their Own Dinosaur Fossils At Home

Rainy Day Mum
Every family seems to have a passionate dinosaur lover. Make their day by teaching them to create their own fossils at home. Press some dinosaur figurines into some discs of homemade salt dough, let them dry, paint them like old rocks, and viola… Your own dinosaur fossils, at home. You can also bury these in the sandbox for your kids to dig for!

So, do any of these summer craft ideas look like fun? You can keep your kiddo entertained for quite a while with just a few. This is a great way to spend time with your children, and to give them something to occupy themselves on their own, as well.

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