Top Consumer Trends Shaping the Future of Connected Vehicle Tech

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As of now, there are many vehicles that are already connected. The internet is enabling this connectivity, and the automakers are busy developing additional connectivity technology. It is amazing that anything is a possibility these days. Probably, you have heard about autonomous vehicles that can go from point A to B without the need for a driver.

the Future of Connected Vehicle Technology

These vehicles must communicate with other vehicles, roads and even many control centers to complete their journeys successfully.

Well, the world is still far from eliminating the need for drivers on the roads. But one thing is for sure, smarter vehicles are already here with us, and this tells us that there is so much hope for the future. So, let us examine the latest consumer trends that are shaping the future of connected vehicle technology.

Connected Car Technology: Taxi-Hailing Apps

Yes, technology is already here with us. Smartphones have become more useful than ever before. Through a few taps on your mobile phone, you can hail a cab, and it will come right to where you are waiting. A few years ago, this would have seemed impossible. But today, it is working very well. But how does this connectivity work? 

Cab drivers need to have a mobile phone or car infotainment unit that is connected to the internet. On the other hand, clients must download an app that provides these services. When they want a taxi, they will just make a few taps on their phones, and the app will search for a car within the vicinity and connect them. It is that simple!

Sharing Rides

This technology is closely related to taxi-hailing apps and allows people to share their vehicles with others. Commuting daily to work alone in a five-seater vehicle is more expensive than when the fuel cost is shared. Therefore, creative innovators have developed ways that vehicle owners can be connected to others to share rides to work or school. Apps and internet connectivity are a necessity with this as well. Any party can look for the other in the morning or evening and be connected with ease.

Augmented Reality Dashboards

A few years ago, this technology was just in sci-fi movies. But now, it is a reality that vehicles are using AR dashboards. Although the information displayed is helpful, what is more intriguing is how this works. Mainly, the AR dashboards increase safety because what they display is also on the infotainment screen. It allows the driver to see information as they still focus on the road ahead.

What’s More?

AR dashboards have now gone a mile further by adding connectivity to speed limit sensors on the road, radar detectors and other transmitters on the road to ensure that the drivers do not miss any important information. They also connect with the driver’s phone and display notifications for messages or incoming phone calls.

Autonomous Vehicles

This technology is already being tested right now. But numerous consumers are willing to buy these vehicles as soon as they are rolled out to the public. Anyone would like to sit back, relax and be driven to work by a car. Therefore, the vehicles will now operate like robots.

Studies reveal how eager consumers are to embrace these vehicles. According to experts at eyerideonline, a website that sells vehicle tech solutions designed for fleets, some automakers have been at the forefront of designing autonomous vehicles for cargo fleet companies for now.

Cellular Technology

Respected automakers like Bentley and Rolls-Royce have taken cellular connectivity to another level. They want drivers to enjoy seamless internet connectivity because these models are created for business people and others who want the most advanced technology. Therefore, they have integrated cellular technology that can detect free hotspots or paid ones, for that matter, anywhere in the world. This means that vehicles are always connected to the internet without any issues.

Many other automakers have embraced cellular connectivity including those that make fleet buses, which means that the passengers will always be connected. This allows connectivity, and fleet drivers can now make their reports in real time.

Real-Time Dashboard and Cabin Cameras

Fleet companies are now using this technology to monitor their vehicles. This technology is pretty simple because the cameras are connected to the internet just like the surveillance cameras at home. Even privately-owned vehicles can use this technology. Mainly, they are aftermarket cameras.

But for now, they are popular with fleet companies, especially those that transport passengers. They increase productivity and also provide data necessary to make decisions. Once they are installed, they must stay online for the managers to monitor them in real time.

GPS Tracking

This is one of the first technologies to use connectivity in vehicles. Initially, the GPS technology relied on satellite connectivity before internet integration became popular in the auto world. Today, GPS connectivity has improved, and the future looks very promising.

GPS technology comes as a package that includes a GPS device with the appropriate software. Mostly, the internet-based GPS is more accurate for those who want real-time results. People can now do more with GPS connectivity on top of real-time monitoring. They can switch the car on and off remotely among many other capabilities depending on the software.

Traffic Prediction

Heavy traffic is one of the challenges the world is facing today. The economy loses a lot as people spend more time on the road. However, vehicles with traffic prediction software can now connect to traffic data transmitters to know the roads that are not so congested.

According to the experts, this technology has been accepted by drivers in fleet companies and private vehicles. It is expected that this technology will become very popular as people seek to reach their destinations faster. Now, you can ask Alexa for the traffic forecast before you commute


Consumers of vehicles are willing to adopt any solution that will make vehicles safer and more convenient. This is why the above developments are now trending. Future cars will offer even more solutions than this as new ideas are developed and become available.

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