Fit Your Own Staircase in Simple Steps

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Homeowners often redecorate when they move into a new house, but not everywhere. The staircase in your home is the one place that even full home refurbishments tend to leave well alone. However, there is no need to let a new staircase installation scare you. Following these steps, you will find that staircase installation is easier than you might think. When you see how easy it is, you will wonder why you never tried to do it before.

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How to Fit Your Own Staircase At Home

Let’s discuss what you will need and continue by breaking the process into manageable steps.

What you will need to fit your own staircase

Unfortunately, a staircase installation is not the kind of home DIY task that you can do with glue. You will need a hammer, nails, and even a drill and screws.

You will require tread boards and risers, 2 stringers for either side to secure the treads and risers into, and all pre-cut at your local lumberyard.

You will need a pencil, a ladder, and a measuring tape to begin with. You should also think about the finishing touches during the initial design phase. Consider easy install handrails for added safety, varnish, paintwork, and grip tape.

Steps to Installing a Staircase

The first step to installing your staircase lies in the measuring. The old rule, measure twice, cut once, could come into play here if you were cutting the wood yourself. It is far easier to measure the steps using the pencil and ladder.

Step 1 – Measuring your staircase.

Run the ladder between the top step and the bottom starting point. Use it to choose the angle and depth of your staircase. Mark out the line only after you have chosen the number of stairs and the width of each step.

Step 2 – Let industry standards guide you.

The simplest way to do this part is to shop for your stringers first. Don’t buy anything yet, just source the standard sizes your local lumber supplier sells already made and use one of those as a template to fit your staircase.

Finish by drawing the outline of the stair on the wall where you would like the staircase to ascend.

Step 3 – Putting it all together.

If you have all your wooden parts and your wall has the outline of your new staircase, simply drill the stringers straight into the wall. If you really do love the glue, add some here for support. When you have your first stringer secure, install the treads and risers of that first step. Use your ladder and have someone help you by securing that top of the second stringer to the secure spot upstairs which should secure it into place. Continue adding treads and risers until you reach that top step.

Staircase Installation too Difficult?

If you think installing a staircase sounds like a lot of work (we never said it would be easy), then you can always hire in the professionals to do it for you. What it all comes down to is budget plus skill level. If you are confident enough and you know what to do with a hammer, it is perfectly reasonable to DIY your staircase at home.

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