Simple And Easy Ways To Take Care Of Your Wooden Furniture

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We are all aware of the versatility and timeless beauty of wooden furniture. From the most traditional lounge chair to those regal end tables, wooden furniture is admired universally. Each item has its distinct appeal and is brilliantly put together to last for a long time.

Simple And Easy Ways To Take Care Of Your Wooden Furniture

But these timeless masterpieces can begin to seem old with abrasion, scratches, and damages that eventually reduce their value. Now you wouldn’t want that!

What it needs is some care and affection, and today, we’ll look at how exactly you can provide that for your wooden furniture.

Dust it Properly

Maintaining that spotless shine on your furniture requires regular dusting. Use a soft, dry cotton cloth to wipe off any dust or debris accumulated on your furniture.

Remember that airborne particles such as dust, dirt, and pollutants form a thin coating on wood, which quickly degrades and affects the surface!

Furthermore, inhaling all of those harmful particles can trigger allergic reactions!

Cleaning And Disinfecting Wooden Furniture

Cleaning your hardwood furniture is essential because dusting may not remove stubborn stains. You must prevent residue from building on the surface over time so that the wood itself is not damaged and remains clean and beautiful for years to come.

While ordinary multi-purpose cleaners might work, you should avoid using them because they may damage the finish of your furniture. A mild furniture cleaning solution would be a better choice for more thorough cleaning without ruining the finish on your wood.

Disinfecting wooden furniture is also important since wood is porous and can easily absorb bacteria and odors. Select an appropriate cleaner rather than using a generic off-the-shelf cleaner for the job.

Once you’ve cleaned the surface, wipe it off with a dry towel to ensure it leaves no moisture on your hardwood furniture-because that moisture can cause difficulties later!

Minimize The Exposure To Sunlight

Wood, like your skin, ages prematurely when exposed to direct sunlight.
When wood is exposed to direct sunlight for an extended period, dark, round patches with lighter centers can appear on the surfaces -this is known as spotting.

You can use a protective cover, such as a tablecloth, to prevent UV from damaging the furniture.

Be Mindful Of Temperatures

Wooden furniture should be protected from excessively hot or cold weather conditions. Additionally, extreme temperature can also alter its natural texture.

Always restrict your furniture’s exposure to heat and cold sources and never leave them there longer than necessary.

Oil And Wax Regularly

When it comes to cleaning wood furniture, oiling and waxing are vital. It helps to keep the wood appearing pristine while also reducing stains.

Wax and oil every three months and this will not only protect your hardwood surfaces but will also keep them looking nice for longer!

Keep Sharp Objects Away

Sharp objects are an archenemy of wooden furniture. You should never leave sharp objects sitting on or next to your wooden furniture because they can easily scratch its surface!

Maintain the Scent of Your Wooden Furniture

Wood is a natural element, and old wooden furniture can sometimes develop an odor. Sprinkle some baking soda over it to remove such odors.

You can also place some charcoal inside the drawers or chambers of the furniture to absorb any lingering smell within the wood’s body.

Final say

These are some simple strategies to adopt and preserve your wooden furniture. However, the best approach to preserve the quality of wood is to take good care of it and shower it with love, and it will definitely love you back.

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