15 Healthy Detox Smoothie Recipes

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Smoothies are delicious. Smoothies can also be great for you (with just a little bit of forethought). Whether you are on a cleanse, or you just want to improve your diet in an effective and tasty way, a smoothie regiment may be right for you.

Healthy Detox Smoothie Recipes

There are really, endless different ways to make a smoothie. So many ways, in fact, that identifying the perfect ingredients for your cleanse can be a little bit daunting.

This does not need to be the case. For your benefit, we have compiled a list of some of the best detox smoothie recipes that will keep you feeling fit. Read on and enjoy! You can also try: Homemade Juicing Recipes In 2022


1. Blue Berries are the Best

Cookie And Kate

Blue berries are the best! Ok, the best is a little bit of a broad term, but they are certainly great for cleansing, or simply for improving your diet.
Blue berries are loaded with antioxidants, and they also have the benefit of being very yummy.

2. Green Doesn’t Need to Taste Mean


Kale is a true superfood. Your body thrives when given this nutrient rich vegetable, but to many pallets, it is not considered delicious.
Throwing some fruit into the mix will mask the vegetable taste and give you a power pack of healthy nutrition.

3. Popeye Would Approve

In Good Taste

Spinach is another super food that is rich in iron, as well as many other nutrients. Cucumbers are also really good for you, and they add a refreshing, almost spa like taste to a smoothie.

This is a great option for a lunch time, or afternoon smoothie session.

4. Taste of the Tropics


Coconut water is a tropical and delicious beverage that adds a lot of subtle but truly tantalizing flavor to a smoothie. Throw in some berries, and you have yourself a delicious blend of nutritional fruity goodness.

5. Not for Dracula


Smoothie novices would probably never dream of incorporating garlic into a smoothie. However, it is important to keep in mind that smoothies can be both sweet and savory. This spinach and garlic smoothie is a prime example.
It’s delicious, and, thanks to its flavor, it can feel like a true lunch or dinner time meal.

6. Fresh From the Sunshine State


Nothing like an orange to invigorate a body with energy, right? This orange and berry smoothie is packed with energy giving nutrients, and it also just tastes like everyone’s favorite morning beverage (not counting coffee of course).

7. This is Halloween

The Full Helping

Come fall, everything has to have a little bit of pumpkin in it, right? This pumpkin seed strawberry smoothie is calorically rich enough to feel like a meal, and it also packs in plenty of protein and antioxidants.

8. This Crazy Smoothie is Both Fruity and Nuts


Get it? Because fruity and nuts are both words for crazy…Anyway, this protein and vitamin rich smoothie is going to be a true favorite for the nut lovers out there. It is tasty, low cal, and easy to make.

9. For Your Digestion

The Roasted Root

No one likes talking about digestion. No one really likes thinking about it. But we all do it, and we all need to do it, and sometimes, we need a little bit of help doing it. This smoothie is going to really fire up your metabolism to keep your digestion process running as smoothly as possible.

10. Rejuvenation


What is a cleanse for if not a little bit of rejuvenation, right? While pretty much all of these smoothies are going to rejuvenate you one way or another, this option is specifically engineered for the task.

We are all in need of some rejuvenation from time to time, and this smoothie allows it to happen in the tastiest way possible.

Win, win, right?

11. Passion Fruit is as Good as it Sounds


Not only does passion fruit have a really romantic name, it also makes for a highly effective smoothie ingredient.

Want younger looking skin? Who doesn’t? Passion fruit is great for skin health. It is also hyper rich in fiber, which means it will make for a good laxative as well. Hey, sometimes it is necessary, right?

12. Muscles, Activate!


Smoothies aren’t just good for blasting belly fat, and detoxing your body. They can also be used to get your muscles fired up as well. Whether you are bulking, or you just want to feel a little bit more physically capable, this muscle activation smoothie will be a good fit for you.

13. Negative. Calorie. Smoothie

Genius Kitchen

Doesn’t even sound possible, right? While this smoothie is not completely free of calories, it is close enough that the ingredients actually take more energy to burn than they provide your body. If you are trying to lose a little bit of weight, this smoothie is definitely something you will want to try.

14. Plums are Good for your Metabolism


Metabolism activation is always a nice benefit of cleansing, right? And while all of these options are going to do this to one extent or another, none of them will be quite as proficient at it as the plum metabolism smoothie.

It also has the benefit of being tasty, which is always a plus. Get a personal blender to blend yourself.

15. Grapes and Bananas are Simple But Great


Grapes and bananas sound a lot like the components of the snacks that your parents used to pack you when you were kids, right? Well they had the right idea. This grape and banana smoothie will both keep your feeling up for activity, and it will aid in weight loss.

Who said that eating healthy has to be a drag, right? As you can clearly see, detoxing, or simply improving your diet, can be a true delight. The smoothie recipes that we have assembled here today are a sure testament to this.

We sincerely hope that you found this list informative, helpful, and yummy. If you have given our recipes a try, we would love to hear about it. Let us know what you thought by leaving a comment down below.

And if you haven’t tried these recipes yet, get on it! It’s not every day that eating right gets to be this tasty.

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