Best Personal Single-Serve Blender Comparison Reviews (2023): Mix It Up In Style

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A blender is a modern day marvel that can help you get the most out of your solid foods. With a blender, you can transform fruits and vegetables, turning them into shakes and smoothies that are tasty and refreshing. Plus, they extract essential nutrients and vitamins from your food, making them more nutritious. Oh, and they can even be used to create soups and other frothy concoctions, so you have endless choices.

Best Personal Single Serve Blender

Traditional blenders can’t keep up with the newer models. For starters, the newer models produce smoother, silkier mixes than older models, which often leave a chunky residue. This is unappealing and unappetizing. In addition, newer models have the ability to maintain the necessary nutrients while doing their job. More traditional models do not, and tend to blend without extracting vital nutrients.

For these reasons and more, a new personal blender is a must for your kitchen. There are a lot of choices when it comes to these devices, but only three stands out. And they’re all here!

5 Top Rated Personal Blenders: Which one is the Best?

1. Nutri Ninja Pro (BL456) (Our best-seller 2023)

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The Nutri Ninja Pro is a blender that you simply cannot ignore. It can break down tough foods and other ingredients, while being versatile enough to allow you to produce multiple servings at a time. This is ideal if you are feeding a large family or entertaining!

But the Nutri Ninja Pro is not just a blender, it is also an extractor. This feature allows you to blend food to the point that they almost become a liquid,  guaranteeing that your body will easily digest the food. But what’s even better is that this mechanism allows you to extract all the nutrients that are in the mixture!

Powerful Blades

At first glance, you may think that the blades of this blender are nothing special. However, they are! Each of the blades is just the right thickness, shape, amd at the ideal angles to break down your food with precision. Because of their sturdiness, even the thickest ingredients will be sliced into pieces easily.

Advanced Motor

Even more impressive than the blades is the powerful motor it’s equipped with. Most of the personal blenders you see on the market today can only produce 600-watts of power. But not the Nutri Ninja Pro, which has a 900-watt blending power. That means you can operate this machine day and night and it won’t miss a beat or break down. You will also notice that, thanks to the motor, the spinning motion of the blades does not slow down , even when dealing with dense ingredients!

Straightforward Design

Using this blender won’t confuse you at all. It does not come with a quirky push-button interface or other complicated operating system. You can actually operate this device by simply applying pressure to its container. Once you lock the container downward, its blade will start spinning automatically! And don’t worry, doing this is absolutely safe since the container has a close-system mechanism to prevent the blades from getting your fingers.

What Customers Are Saying About It?

On different online stores, the Nutri Ninja Pro has a great reputation. Many users claim it’s the best personal blender for smoothies because of its dominant performance. Other people approve the simple, but functional design of the appliance. According to them, such feature prevents mess and other unwanted residues.


  • Powerful motor and blades (900-watt of spinning power)
  • Safe and easy to clean
  • Extracts the necessary nutrients efficiently


  • The covers of this blender are not leak-proof

2. Cuisinart CPB-300 350 Watt BPA-Free Sleek Electronic Touchpad with LED Indicator Lights (Best Value)

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If you want a quality personal blender, without spending too much, then you should go with the Cuisinart CPB-300! With a price of just $65, this is a case of getting more than what you pay for!

First, the Cuisinart CPB-300 has a simple but elegant appearance. Its sleek hourglass design makes it easy to use, and it has a sturdy base and container, providing stability even when blending the toughest ingredients!  If you are new to blenders, then you should consider trying this brand!

Extremely Portable

Nobody thinks of a blender as being portable. After all, no one would carry a blender during vacations or excursions because it is quite bulky. However, that is not true for Cuisinart CPB-300. Even with a height of 16-inches, its width is still so narrow that you can fit in your bag or within the gaps of clothing. Because of this feature, you can stay healthy and satisfied while you are on the road!

Heavy Duty Design

The Cuisinart CPB-300 has a sturdy base made from stainless steel. The base can also store the electric cord of the blender when you are not using it. Moreover, its motor can produce 350 watts of blending power, enough to break down solid ingredients. The motor is also safe on the base, thanks to its interlocking feature and the overall construction of this blender is strong enough to resist cracks and corrosion.

Dual-Blade System

The Cuisinart CPB-300 uses two self-aligning blades so that the container can easily fit the base. These blades are thick and sturdy, which are ideal for grinding, chopping, and blending food. Moreover, you can change the assemblies of the blade for different applications.

What Customers Are Saying About It?

Many like the Cuisinart Cuisinart CPB-300 because of its durability and sleekness. Plus, they approve the portability feature of this product, which enabled them to take it wherever they are. Aside from that, people find the interface and ergonomics of this personal blender simple but functional


  • Electronic Touchpad (With LED Indicators)
  • Have Safety Features (safe interlock system and auto-stop feature)
  • All parts are BPA-Free


  • The lids of the cup have holes on them, but with no caps
  • Loud operation

3. Magic Bullet NutriBullet 12-Piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer System

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If you have a lot of personal blender recipes, you might need the Magic Bullet Blender. It has a bullet shape, where the lower half is the base and upper half is the transparent container. Even better, you no longer need to push any buttons to operate this blender. Just apply a little pressure on the top of the container and the blades will start spinning.

There are other features that you will love about this product, mainly, that is can make the messy process of blending into a straightforward and fun process!

Space Saver

Our kitchens might be the most clogged parts of our homes, with a lot of cooking appliances stored on the counter. However, the Magic Bullet Blender will never be a part of the clutter. Its overall dimensions are small enough for it to fit in any cabinet or tight storage space.

Aside from that, its wire has the sufficient length to reach your outlet. In doing so, it does not create unruly  spools of wires and keeps the kitchen neat and safe.

Durable Construction

The Magic Bullet Blender may look like an ordinary personal blender, but it’s not. Its plastic container is a byproduct of extreme testing, and it can withstand intense pressures and absorb shocks efficiently. When you drop the container on the floor, it will just simply bounce without having any cracks. The base and the blades are also made from stainless steel, so you’ll never worry about future replacements for this appliance!

Fast Food Processing

The Magic Bullet Blender uses 600-watt high torque power to break down the toughest ingredients in your kitchen. Its blade can spin in a cyclonic motion that effectively mashes your food into tiny bits. This blender can pulverize seeds and stems without taking the essential nutrients. Moreover, this machine can process for as fast as 10 seconds without any signs of slowing down!

You can also guarantee that this blender produces no chunks!

What Customers Are Saying About It?

On different online stores, the Magic Bullet Blender is one of the more well-loved personal blenders. Many users said that this blender is quick and efficient for making fine smoothies without leaving chunks of ice. Moreover, health-concerned individuals like the fact that this blender actively preserves the nutrients in the food.

On the other hand, people also like the ergonomics of this blender. They say that it maintains counter spaces even in their tight kitchens.


  • Powerful blending power (600-watts of spinning force)
  • Comes with a user manual and a recipe book
  • Includes different cups sizes and lids


  • The blades are not compatible with dishwashers
  • Noisy operation

What to Consider When Buying A Personal Blender

The Quality of the Blades

A blender can never be an efficient blender if it doesn’t have a powerful blade. After all, this is the part that does all the grinding and chopping. If your blades are dull, do not expect it to deliver fine and smooth finishes.

Moreover, your personal blender’s blades should be stainless steel. They should also have some thickness to them so that they won’t break easily. The orientation of the blender should be at various angles. This style enables the efficient breakdown of food, without producing chunks.

Lastly, the blades should be removable from the base of the blender so they can be cleaned. Make sure that the edges are not too sharp. Or else, it could wound you or your children.

Power of the Motor

The blades will be useless without a powerful motor backing them. A blender that has a powerful motor can blend at faster speeds. The lowest among the spectrum are engines that can produce 170 watts to 200 watts. These blenders can grind soft foods, but not tough ingredients.

In such instances, you will need a personal blender that has a motor power of 300 and above. On the other hand, professional blenders have a blending power of 900 watts.

Size of the Blender

Most of our kitchens are studded with appliances. It would be useless if you have a powerful blender but cannot fit in the counter spaces of your kitchen. Specifically, the ideal storage of a blender is inside the cabinet. Therefore, you should make sure that measure first the headroom of your cabinet before buying any blenders.

Blenders are distinctly tall. This is because of the combination of the base and container. If you don’t have any counter space left, then choose a blender that has a compact width. In this way, you can put your blender on any shelves that you have.

What are the Benefits Of a Personal Blender?

Makes Nutritious Food More Delicious

Most of us have a stereotype about vegetables and fruits. We don’t want to eat them because they don’t have an enticing taste. However, if you have a blender, you can change the preferences of your taste buds by turning these ingredients into tasty desserts such as smoothies! Moreover, this appliance does this while preserving the necessary nutrients.

It Is Economical

A personal blender will let you save a huge sum of money. Instead of buying healthy smoothies from overrated restaurants, you can just make one for yourself! You will realize that you can save a lot of money by buying the ingredients. You can also guarantee that your ingredients are fresh and nutritious!

It Explores Your Creativity In The Kitchen

There is almost no limit when it comes to the recipes you can create in the blender. Mixing vegetables and fruits is just basic. Later on, you can mix any ingredients that you want! Moreover, a blender is not limited in making smoothies. It can also produce sumptuous soups and concoctions too!

How To Wash A Blender?

What You Need?

  • Hot Water
  • Dish Soap


  1. Fill the blender with the hot water. Make sure the amount of water is just half of the container.
  2. Add a drop of dish soap into the water.
  3. Start the cleaning process by turning on the blender. You should hold the lid with a towel while doing this. Moreover, the blending should take about 10 seconds.
  4. Pour out the water mixture from the blender. Take the container and rinse it with tap water.


There are a lot of blenders that you can choose from today. Each of them has specific functions and ergonomics that enable you to use them easily. However, make sure that you should try first the personal blenders that we have recommended. In the market today, those three products have the highest quality and rapport. Buying them is a guaranteed investment on your part!

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