30 Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas: Merrier in Cooking

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When it comes to bringing Christmas cheer into the home, decorations are the way to go! The heart of the home is the kitchen, so start your decorating here. You can use a combination of lighting, fragrances and DIY decor to bring the space to life. This holiday season, prepare food and enjoy meals surrounded by festive beauty.

Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas

1 Wreaths Can Go In the Kitchen Too


You can spread the natural, festive beauty of wreaths throughout the house and into the kitchen. This most classic of Christmas kitchen decor ideas is sure to enhance your holiday theme.

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2 Use Mini Christmas Trees to Spread the Christmas Spirit

You probably have a magnificent, full-sized Christmas tree set up in your family room already. A mini Christmas tree can serve as a glorious centerpiece in your kitchen. You can also use it to brighten up kitchen corners pleasantly.

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3 Christmas Themed Hand Towels are a Nice Touch

Hand towels with a Christmas theme can accent any decor. Read a Christmas message each time you dry your hands. You can buy these festive towels, or home-make them yourself.

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4 Bonsai Trees Are a Unique Twist on a Christmas Classic

Mini bonsai trees are cute, picturesque, and decorative. Dress up a bonsai tree or two just like you would a Christmas tree. These little guys can really shine as a centerpiece.

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5 Make a Hot Cocoa Station for Some Holiday Cheer

A cute hot cocoa station can serve as beautiful holiday decor, as well as a handy area to let the festive drink flow! This is one of the most creative -and tasty- Christmas kitchen decor ideas out there.

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6 Star Lights Are One of the Most Beautiful Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas

If you are looking to make your home shine -literally- include star lights in your decor. These can be lanterns, 2D lights, and more.

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7 Hang Baubles in Your Kitchen to Catch the Eye

Baubles are gorgeous ornaments that are typically used on a Christmas tree. You can also use them in the kitchen! Hang these shiny decorations from the ceiling to catch the eye, and to bring holiday cheer to the space.

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8 Make A Beautiful Centerpiece with Holiday Greenery

You can use real live plants to decorate your kitchen for the Christmas season. Go out and find some pine, holly or the like, and make a naturally beautiful centerpiece of your very own.


9 Christmas Curtains for Festivity

If your kitchen has a window, consider putting Christmas themed curtains up. Watch the design add some color and festivity.


10 Bake a Traditional Yule Log for Your Family

This is one of the Christmas kitchen decor ideas you’ll want to wait until just before Christmas for -because it won’t last long! Yule logs serve as both decorations, and as delicious desserts you can enjoy with family.

Morning Chores

11 Put Your Fine Christmas China in a Showcase

It’s a shame how rarely Christmas China is used and shown-off. Include a plate display in your list of Christmas kitchen decor ideas, to decorate your kitchen beautifully and give the proper recognition to your dishware.

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12 Create a Homemade Wreath Chandelier for Christmas

A homemade wreath chandelier is a really classy way to spread the festivity. You can make this stunning decorative piece at home. Use it as the crowning decor in your kitchen, above the dining table or the like.


13 Have Fun Making and Displaying a Gingerbread House

Gingerbread houses are a holiday favorite. You can use gingerbread, frosting and a variety of candy to craft your own festive gingerbread home. Both a Christmas decoration, and a fun activity.


14 Popcorn Garlands Are Decorative and Tasty

If you are a popcorn lover, give this most toothsome of Christmas kitchen decor ideas a try. You can make these out of all kinds of popcorn, use them as decor, and eat them later on.

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15 Use Candles that Look and Smell Festive

Nothing says cozy quite like candles. Make them extra-festive with decorative holders and seasonal fragrances.


16 Make Your Kitchen Floor Mat Decorative

Most have a floor mat in their kitchen to catch spills, near the sink. Use this as an opportunity to decorate! Make or buy a special mat in Christmas colors, or with a festive phrase.


17 Use a Calendar that Counts Down to Christmas Each Day

Counting down to Christmas will prolong the excitement and holiday joy. Not only this, these calendars can make fantastic decorative pieces. Your list of Christmas decor ideas should definitely include one of these.


18 Draw Festive Art on a Kitchen Chalkboard for Christmas

Use a chalkboard to draw whatever festive things you like: snowmen, Christmas trees, gifts, reindeer… erase, and drawn again whenever you want to. This is one of the best Christmas kitchen decor ideas out there in terms of flexibility.

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19 Dress the Halls with Boughs of Holly

You’ve heard about holly in songs and stories. Hang some in your home to bring the holidays to life! You can also use the infamous mistletoe, or holly.

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20 Turn Your Kitchen into a Winter Wonderland With Icicles

Some opt to decorate their Christmas trees with little icicles, making it look cold and snowy -and pretty. You can bring these icicles into the rest of the house, including the kitchen! Hang some over the fridge or windows, for accents perfect for the winter theme.

Make Zine

21 Make Christmas Decorations Out of Polymer Clay

Polymer clay can be used to make Christmas decorations that are very professional-looking, and super cute. Make some snowmen, some reindeer, some little clay presents… whatever you desire. This is decor you can treasure for years to come.

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22 Fairy Lights Are Magical and Festive

You can put these around table legs or on the table, on cupboards, lining the ceiling, in containers… there are lots of ideas. The effect of these lights is truly a magical one.

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23 Cut-Out Paper Snowflakes Yourself

This makes for another fun holiday activity! Cut out your own snowflakes at home. Play around with designs and fill the entire kitchen with magical paper snow!

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24 Craft Some Pretty Snow-Covered Pine Cones

As with baubles, pinecones can be hung from the ceiling, or placed as general decor here and there. Frost them in paint and glitter, and bring the spirit of winter into your kitchen and home.


25 Potpourri Pine Cones are Festive and Full of Nostalgia

Use potpourri pine cones, made with seasonal spices and scents. Scent has a powerful effect on nostalgia. Classic Christmas fragrances can you take you back to happy holiday memories and times.

By Brittany Goldwyn

26 Put Magnet Stockings on Your Fridge

Stockings scream Christmas. These do not have to be limited to the mantle! Make some DIY magnet stocking for your fridge. These are a really fun and unique idea.


27 Use Jingle Bells to Make Your House and Kitchen Merry

Put bells everywhere! These are a super cheery decorative piece. Consider putting bells on the door handle of your kitchen pantry. The merry jingle each time you open it is sure to brighten your day.

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28 Get Creative With Christmas Candy

You can put candy canes on the Christmas tree, and all over in the kitchen, too. In fact, there are many extraordinary candy Christmas kitchen decor ideas. Take a look.


29 Garlands Can Be Used to Decorate Anywhere

This most versatile of Christmas kitchen decor ideas can be used on banisters, table legs, kitchen cabinets, and more. There are also endless kinds to choose from. Just like your Christmas tree, you can dress your house up to the T.


30 Nutcrackers are a Holiday Classic

Place one of these smartly-dressed little guys somewhere in your kitchen. This item will add lots of Christmas vibes, not to mention that nutcrackers are also practical and handy. Keep some nuts ready-to-go nearby.


As you can see, the Christmas kitchen decor ideas are endless, really! Make the best of the holiday season and embrace the festivity. Include some natural decor, some lights, some paper crafts… the limit is your creativity. Use these Christmas kitchen decor ideas to bring some Christmas spirit and joy to you and the entire family.

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