Warm Up With Our Best Infrared Space Heater for Large Room (2023) Comparison Reviews

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In the cold winter months, nothing – and we mean nothing – will get your bones warmed up quite like an infrared heater will. Infrared heaters come in all shapes and sizes and they are all just waiting to rid you of your chilliest woes. The best infrared heaters can all be found right here on our list – so let’s take a look.

best infrared heater

Our Favorite

The Duraflame DFI-5010-01 is our definite best infrared heater. We love it because offers that flame aesthetic to create a homey feeling all the while providing the best in modern technology. It combines, safety, effectiveness, and durability to deliver everything that you would need out of a new infrared heater. For this reason, it was our overall winner – and we’re willing to bet it will be yours, too.

Benefits of an Infrared Heater

The benefits that come along with the use of an infrared heater (as opposed to other heating options) are numerous. First and foremost, we love to talk about infrared heaters get hot the fastest. Once the unit is turned on, you’ll feel the heat in a matter of seconds. We also like to mention how these products need next to zero maintenance. With other heater types, you’ll need to replace gas tanks or clean out parts of the unit. However, an infrared heater will almost never need your help because of how simple their parts are.

Next, it is important to remember how efficient an infrared heater is. They’re silent as the grave, put out heat that doesn’t alter the humidity of the room (making them healthier), and environmentally friendly. They don’t use any gasses, produce any byproducts, or put any harmful substances into the air. This efficiency also leads to one more important characteristic of infrared heaters: heating savings. Since an infrared heater is such a simple and proficient heat source, it is going to require fewer inputs, meaning huge energy savings for you.

All of these characteristics put together make infrared heaters a really great idea for any looking for a clean, direct, and instantaneous source of energy.

Top Rated Infrared Heaters for Large Room – Which one is the Best?

Best Feature Filled Infrared Heater – Dr. Infrared Heater DR998

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Oscillation Capability

As we mentioned before, infrared heaters put out a very directed beam of heat. To some, this is great because all the heat goes right to where they are sitting. But others want the power of their heater to end up around the room. With the oscillating ability of this heater, you can have the best of both worlds!


The humidifier that is built into this product is great for those who must battle through harsh winters. The bitter cold can dry out the air and lead to another layer of uncomfortableness. Thankfully, this heater has a humidifier that can be turned on so that you can enjoy the normally humid air.

Remote Control

This heater also comes with a handy remote control. This is great for those times that you are snuggled up into a big blanket and don’t exactly want to get up and give away your body heat just to turn on the heater. All you have to do with this unit in your room is pick up the remote and set it to your desired temperature.

Electronic Thermostat

And, like we just mentioned, this Dr. Infrared product can be tuned to your exact desired temperature. It can be set to any degree between 50 and 86. In those summer months, the heater can even be turned off so the unit acts like a big fan.

Duraflame DFI-5010-01 Completely Durable

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This heater is made for the long haul. It is made with a metal body and windows on its front and sides that are only completed with manufacturing that goes along with the Duraflame name. And, of course, the legendary longevity of infrared heaters themselves cannot be understated. For all these reasons, this is a heater that will last you a lifetime.

3D Flame Effect

This unit totally looks like a fireplace. The patent-pending 3D flame technology makes it look like you are burning a log in an ember bed when you simply aren’t. This gives you that warm aesthetic of a homemade fire without any fire danger. The flame can also be adjusted to 5 different brightness levels for even more realism.

Cool to the Touch

Keeping with the safety theme, the outside of this unit stays completely cool. You’ll feel the heat coming out of the vents but the metal and windows on the outside of the unit will keep from being dangerous. For this reason, you can bet that this product is safe for pets and kids.

Perfect Humidity Maintenance

No need to worry about this heater drying out your room. The infrared heat technology keeps air nice and healthy so you won’t be waking up with cracking lips and a dried throat if you leave it on through the night.

Best Portable Infrared Heater – Duraflame 5HM8000-0142 Tower Heater

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This heater is a bit smaller so it can be picked up and placed wherever you are. If you want to be able to put your heater away during the summer months when you don’t need it, this is a definite plus. Why get a heater to put in one room when it can be brought into whichever room you are finding you want the heat in?

Oscillation Feature

While the ability to put out a direct line of heat is a strength for infrared heaters, you may feel you want to heat the whole room with your heater. That’s no problem for this product. Just turn on the built-in oscillation and you will have heat being spread out across the room.

5200 BTU Heating

Although this heater is smaller in stature, it still can heat up very nicely. It can take care of up to 1000 square feet of space with the touch of a button. So, if you were worried that this heater may not be powerful enough for you, you may want to think again.

Safety Features

A tip-over safety switch should be considered a necessary part of any tower heater – and, keeping with the Duraflame reputation, this heater has that safety feature. It is also cool to the touch on its outer faces so that it doesn’t become a worry around children or pets that may get too close on accident.

Best Fireplace Infrared Heater –LifeSmart Large Room Infrared Fireplace

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Bigger Size

If you’re searching for an infrared heater to take the place of a large fireplace, look no further. This heater is 11” high, 40” long, and 11” deep so you know it has some serious heating ability to it. In fact, it can take care of 1000 square feet of space easily with 5100 BTUs.

Stylish Design

Placed up against the wall, visitors wouldn’t even know that this heater wasn’t a part of the home’s existing wall. It looks like a fully installed fireplace with its Quakerstown dark oak cabinet and the mantel is a great place to further decorate your home. If you are one that doesn’t like the look of bulky infrared heaters, that’s no worry with this unit.

Fireplace Glow

To even further add to your home’s aesthetic, this Lifesmart product gives you the option to turn on a “fire” right inside of your infrared heater. Using the red and orange heat from your heater, the unit creates a realistic looking fire that can be set at two different levels.

Remote Control

Since you are probably already freezing, you probably don’t want to get up and go across the room to turn on your heater. Thankfully, this product comes with a remote control that can be used to turn your unit off and on and set the fire glow to where you want it.

Best Large Room Infrared Heater – Lifesmart 6 Element Infrared Heater

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Power to Fill a Room

Meant to fill an entire room with comfortability and warmth, this infrared heater can take care of even your largest rooms.  Featuring three different settings, you’ll find that the highest setting is enough to fill the absolute largest room in your house.

Start and Stop Timer

This heating unit can be set to a timer so that you don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn it off while you are away. Additionally, you can have it set up so that you let it warm up a smaller room and then turn off so that it doesn’t get the room too hot for you. That way, you can get the room warm enough to get to sleep, for instance, but not wake up sweating.

500 Watt Eco Setting

Saving energy is great for both you and the environment. For this reason, Lifesmart gave this heating unit an ‘eco’ setting that uses less energy but still keeps your room warmed up. It works by getting smaller areas heated up to 68 degrees by using only 500 watts of power. Save money and the environment with this setting.

EZ Glide Casters

Want the option to be able to move your heater around? That’s no issue with this unit because it has easy to use casters on the bottom of it. With these casters, you can swivel and roll the heater around to whatever part of your home you wish.

Buying Considerations

When you go to get your own infrared heater, there should be a few things that you make sure of. Probably the most important aspect of your purchase should be addressing the size of the room (or rooms) that you are trying to heat.

  • Infrared heaters for Large-Rooms do come in different sizes and strengths so it would be smart to make sure that your heater is large enough to take care of your needs.
  • Another big topic you will want to hit is getting the look right for your heater. Some will have simulated flames in them. Others won’t. Some will have wood casings to give them a polished look. Others will be made of metal or won’t have any serious thoughts on their appearance put into them.
  • And, of course, it is always important to manage the price tag that you are looking at. You may be able to get the same amount of heat for less if you are savvy!


Q: How do I power my infrared heater?

A: Infrared heaters usually plug into the wall. There is no need for burning any gasses, oils, or finding any other power sources beyond a wall plug in your home.

Q: Can I use an infrared heater outside?

A: There are infrared heater models that are meant for portable outdoor use – but we don’t have any on this list. These heaters are meant for indoor use to heat up rooms in a home.

Q: Are infrared heaters safe?

A: Infrared heaters are often considered the most trustworthy and safe type of heating options. Since they don’t burn gas, there is no worry of leaks occurring. Heaters that have risks with being tipped over will have tip-over on/off switches so that you can assure yourself safety in that regard. And, as long as you don’t touch the red-hot surface of the heater, you don’t have any burn dangers from direct touching on the outside of most heaters.


At the end of the day, an infrared heater is always a good choice for heating up a room in your home. As we have made clear, they are efficient, effective, and safe. When it comes to heaters, those are the big three characteristics that you are going to want. For that reason, infrared heaters are the best heaters in our opinion. And, since these are the best infrared heater options out there, you can bet that these heaters just might be the best options available for you.

We definitely encourage you to pick something right from this list so that you don’t have to freeze this winter. Comfort is king!

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