I Was Contented When I Saw What This Cat Kalou Does All Day

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Ah, the life of as cat is a pretty relaxing one right? Umm, wrong as you will see after you watch this “riveting” video that goes behind the scenes to show us what a day typically looks like for Kalou the Cat. As you will see, it’s not easy being Kalou- I got tired just watching!

Vimeo CAT KALOU from Hoon is here

It may not seem like a lot of work, but being a cat (and an adorable one at that) is quite tiring. Between all that running around from room to room, hours of painstaking grooming and hopping up and down off the window ledge a kitty can really get worn out. Just ask Kalou, who was so worn out from looking out the window and poking at the camera that she actually took a little “cat” nap while filming. Hey, even cats need their beauty rest!

As you will see in this video, we go behind the scenes to show you what cats really do. Warning though, the grooming scenes show kitty au naturel, so viewer discretion is advised. Watch Kalou get up close and personal with the camera- you won’t be able to stop watching.

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