Window Treatments: How to Make the Best Choice for Your Home

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Are you wondering what window treatments to choose for your home? You cannot take this decision lightly. If your neighbors’ windows are very close and at the same level or any of your windows are facing the street, you’ll have to choose opaque materials to protect your privacy. However, you don’t want to block natural light entirely. In addition to serving a functional purpose, window treatments must also integrate aesthetically into the design of your rooms.

Window Treatments: How to Make the Best Choice for Your Home

How to choose the most suitable window treatments for your home? Read on to learn more.

The first thing to know is that window treatments are made of different materials and can thus be split into two categories: soft and hard. Shades, blinds, and shutters are made of wood, metal, vinyl, or other hard materials. Soft window treatments include sheers, curtains, drapes, and roman shades.
Many homeowners choose a layered window treatment that includes a combination of soft and hard materials.

Shape and Architecture

When it comes to purchasing window treatments, the shape of your windows and the architecture of the building itself will probably limit your choices. If you have a room with slanted ceilings, you may need to be more flexible about your options, for example. A window treatment that is perfectly suitable for a simple, rectangular window may not be as suitable for arched windows or skylights.

Aesthetic Appeal And Functionality

The best window treatments mix functionality and style. No matter what type of installation you choose, it must be easy to use. Being able to control the amount of light in the room without hassle is essential. Another vital aspect to consider is that, through material, shape, color, and texture, window treatments should match the design and architecture of your home.
Have a look at Hunter Douglas blinds which are a perfect combination of aesthetic and practical value. You’ll discover elegant designs and beautiful textures that can instantly elevate your living spaces.

Thermal Comfort

Some window treatments have an insulating effect. In the winter, they play a role in heat retention. In the summer, they help maintain a cool ambiance indoors. Window treatments that provide insulation can be an excellent investment in specific climates. Even if you have an HVAC system, high-performance windows are a great addition to your home because they help reduce energy consumption.

UV Protection

Exposure to natural light is crucial for our well-being. However, we cannot ignore the dangers of UV radiation. Another aspect to consider when choosing window treatments is how well they block UV rays. It’s enough to think about those faded blinds or shutters that we often see in various buildings to understand the importance of UV protection. UV rays can cause the colors of your walls, furniture, rugs, and other textiles to fade. Moreover, UV rays can damage your skin through the windows.

If you cannot find window coverings that provide UV protection, consider adding window films that block up to 99% of the harmful radiation.

Follow our tips to find the most practical and artful solution to cover your windows.

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