When to Hire a Mold Removal Service in Nashville

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Molds are tiny, microscopic fungi that grow around wet or moist organic matters. They can grow so rapidly that one spore can become a big colony in just a few days. Molds more commonly grow outside but can grow indoors if there is excess moisture in the home.

When to Hire a Mold Removal Service in Nashville

Spores can get into the house through windows, vents, doorways, and air conditioning and heating systems. It can also get attached to your pet, shoes, or clothes. Once the spore is inside, it will begin to grow in any area with excess moisture.

Tennessee health department says that the most common molds that grow in Nashville homes are Cladosporium, Alternaria, Trichoderma, Penicillium, and Aspergillus. When molds grow in the house, they can cause some health hazards and ultimately damage the house. The longer the mold can grow, the more damages it will cost. This is why you need to contact a mold removal service immediately you notice them growing in your home.

When Do You Need a Mold Removal Service – Signs of Molds

You may need to think about a mold removal service if you notice any of these warning signs in your home…

  • Discolored walls
  • Musty odor
  • Water leaks
  • Past flooding
  • Health problems like allergic symptoms or asthma attacks
  • Stains
  • Condensation

What is the Average Cost for Mold Removal in Nashville?

This is majorly determined by the mold’s growth level. However, the range for a square foot is $10 to $25. And the total cost may be about $3,000 but would vary based on various factors. Also, if some properties like (drywall, flooring, or carpet) had been damaged then you would need to consider replacement and repair costs.

Therefore, you ought to consider several options before you finally pick one for the job. However, cost should not be the only criteria to be considered when you are looking for a company. Quality services should also be one of the basic things to put into consideration.

Questions to Ask Before You Employ a Mold Removal Service

You need to fully understand a company’s terms and policies before you hire the company. This would require you interviewing the company’s representative. Some of the questions you need to ask before hiring the company include:

  • Are you a licensed Tennessee contractor?
  • Are you insured?
  • How long have you worked in this field?
  • What is the estimated duration for the remediation? Can I use my house normally during the period?
  • Is there a warranty or guarantee?
  • Can you give references?
  • Can I get a written estimate?
  • What are the chemicals and methods that would be used?

If the questions are answered satisfactorily then you can go ahead and employ the company for the removal.

Removing molds by yourself is not advisable as this may make the situation worse. This is because you may end up cross-contaminating the house and risk infestation for others around the area. But, if the affected area is small, you may try to battle the mold by yourself. However, to do this, you would need proper information.

How to DIY Mold Remediation

Do the following steps to remove molds from small portions in your home…

1. Find the Mold

Molds may be difficult to find as they can grow in areas that are not obvious. However, if you notice the warning signs already discussed in this article then you may have a mold infestation. In which case, you would have to look for the affected area. Mold growth will look like black spots on the affected area, to identify if it is mildew or dirt mold, drop bleach on the affected area. If the stain goes away easily then it is mildew mold, but if it does not then it is dirt mold.

Dirt molds are very toxic, so, people with respiratory issues should contact a professional. If you do not have respiratory issues or allergies, you still need to properly protect yourself before you proceed.

2. Properly Protect Yourself

You need to protect yourself against the harsh effects of molds before you start cleaning up. Because molds can get on clothes, you need to wear clothes you can discard after you are done. This article tells you all you have to know about protecting yourself when cleaning molds. You also have to wear a mask and ensure it is very thick. If you only have light masks at your disposal, then, wear several of them. The multiple layers will prevent inhalation of the spores.

Also ensure the room is properly ventilated and turn off the air-conditioner and furnace. The gaps on the door can also be sealed to prevent the spores from spreading into other rooms.

3. Start the Mold Remediation

Use a screwdriver to open the affected wall, the drywall would have to be replaced so cut through it without hesitation; doing this will help you locate the root of the mold. Next, use a mold cleaner to clean the surfaces. Afterward, allow the solution to stay on the wall for a while, this will make it penetrate the affected area.

You can clean the debris that came from the wall while you wait for the mold cleaner to settle in. When the cleaner has settled in, you would have to clean it off. The cleaner should not be washed off, rather, use a piece of cloth to wipe it off.

After you are done with the cleaning, you need to allow the surface to dry off. Remember that the major reason molds grow is moisture, so the surface has to be properly dry to prevent the molds from coming back.

Hasten up the drying-up process by making sure the area is properly ventilated, open the windows and doors. You can also use a dehumidifier.


Having molds in the house can cause some health issues, so it has to be removed as soon as it is noticed. Handling mold by oneself is dangerous and can worsen the situation if you are not careful; this is why you would need to hire a professional. However, if the affected area is small, you can attempt to remove the molds by yourself.

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