When Should You Hire a Termite Control Service in Adelaide?

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Termites are destructive pests, that if left to do their thing, can devour your entire house from the ground up. They pose a great risk to Australians in that they are found in abundance throughout the country.

Since the long-lasting soil chemical barrier has been removed in 1995, many homes are now using softwoods and timber to build their homes. This deliciously flavored home construction materials attract termites to Australian homes. It has been reported that they can even devour an entire home in only 3 months after construction.

Hire a Termite Control Service in Adelaide

Recent studies have reported that termites cause more damage to properties in Australia than any other natural disaster like fire, storms, and floods. These statistics are shocking.

If you aren’t aware of how termites can destroy a home, you have to see it to believe it. In this video you’ll discover the shocking reality of the damage caused by termites in an Australian timber framed home: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fMlOOIAMBSs

Luckily, home owners can invest in hiring a pest control service who will be able to assess the termite situation and eradicate them from your premises for good. Leaving the problem for too long will cause irreversible damage that will cost a lot of AUD to fix.

It’s therefore important that you are aware of tell-tale signs that termites are taking over your home. Here are a few signs that you should watch out for that will indicate that you have to phone a professional termite control service:

  1. Hollow Wood

In most cases, homeowners won’t see the destruction caused by these pests until it’s too late. This is mainly because they are found behind walls and floor boards. Regardless, even if you can still see the outer layers of your home’s wooden beams, this doesn’t mean that they haven’t already started feasting on its insides.

An easy test you can perform is to tap or knock on wooden beams and posts around your home. If it sounds hollow, then you might be under attack. In some cases, you might even be able to poke your finger right through a wooden piece.

Don’t neglect to check all wooden fixtures which will include an outside patio, wooden fence, and any timber cottages on the property.

  1. Termites with Wings

When you spot a termite with wings it’s a sign of danger to come. Yes, it’s common knowledge that these pests don’t actually have wings once you find them inside the woodworks of your home; those with wings are referred to as the ‘flyers’ or the alates.

Alates are male and female termites that are send off from the colony to start their own nests. They are basically the new colonizers in the termite world, off to seek a new burrow in which they can procreate. That burrow will most probably be the wooden foundation of your home.

If you spot flying termites or their wings on the ground, then it’s time to phone a professional. Learn more about the types of destructive termites that can be found in Australia by reading this informative article.


To protect themselves, termites will build mud or dirt tubes on the walls through which they walk through. This creates a dirty and muddy tunnel that keeps them moisturized and provide protection from predators.

You can break open those tubes to see if you can find any pests inside. Even if there aren’t any, they might have started creating other tubes somewhere else.

  1. Paint Damage

These pesty little creatures can find their way into your home through cracks in the walls. This will cause the paint to flake off as an indication of activity. When peering into the crack and noticing wet or dry mud inside, it’s likely that it was a termite who passed through.

Some of these cracks in paint might even be caused by these gnawing pests as a way to protect themselves while moving around.

  1. Noises

There’s no way that thousands of termites can chomp at timber without them making any noise. When there are any abnormal sounds coming from your walls, then it might be that the destruction has already started. Termites have very strong jaws and can bite through hardwood in a flash, making them very noisy eaters.

Sure, this could be a few other critters like mice or rats. But if the sound is ongoing and very regular, chances are it isn’t a scouring rodent. Put your ear to the wall and if you hear crackling and cracking sounds, it’s time to phone termite control Adelaide to assess the situation.

  1. Backyard Signs

Especially if you have a very big backyard, you should look around for any termite nests. These nests can sometimes host up to a million pests and will definitely travel through the ground towards a feeding station.

If your area is prone to termite nests, it’s also best to keep fire wood at least 30 meters away from the house. If you do spot any termite holes and bite marks on the firewood that is stored away, there might be an underground nest nearby.

It is extremely important to note, that if you spot a termite nest near your property that you shouldn’t take matters into your own hands. There are many different types of termites and some species if left undisturbed won’t attack your home.

When nests are disturbed, they will become destructive and will spread like wildfire throughout the urban area. Only looking for other areas to set up nests. In most cases, they will build their nests below ground level and operate from underneath. Making them difficult to spot.

In some urban areas, millions of termites can be operating from below ground and secretly eating away at house’s wood. Don’t try to control the termite nests yourself, best to phone someone who is clued up on how exactly they operate. Professionals will be able to control or diminish them from your property in no time.

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