Lock In Some Great Holiday Savings With Our Smart Lock Christmas and New Year Deals

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Smart locks offer the perfect combination of security and convenience but they aren’t exactly known for being cheap. Fortunately, with all the holiday sales going on they’re more affordable than ever, making now the time to buy.The hard part is knowing which one to get. There are a lot of great options out there which can make your ultimate decision difficult. That’s where we come in to help. We have assembled a list of some of the hottest deals out there so now all you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy our guide to the best smart lock Holiday Deals.

Smart Lock Holiday Deals and New Year Sale

Why a Smart Lock’s an Awesome Christmas/ New Years Gift

A smart lock is a product that allows you to secure your house without the need for a traditional key. Some may hook up to blue tooth, while others will simply function with a keypad. Either way, they have attained great popularity for the fact that they allow you to keep your house safe without the need to deal with keys. They are safe, convenient, and downright cool.

But while the smart lock may be a super cool way to spruce up your house it can also be pricey which is why our friends or family members will love receiving one as a gift. Of course, it will also make a great gift to you, from you, if you’re feeling generous with yourself this holiday season.

Now that you understand this awesome product, continue on for a guide to the best smart home Christmas Sales.

Christmas & New Year’s Sales

If you’re smart, you’ll snatch up one of these locks, as they’re at their lowest price ever because of all the great Christmas and New Year’s deals going on. The holidays are ideal for shopping, for yourself and loved ones, as stores and online shops are discounting lots of items, including smart locks; making now the perfect time to shop.

What are the Best Smart Lock Holiday Deals?

August Smartlock Pro:

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The August Smartlock pro is another innovative piece of technology that utilizes blue tooth to allow you to come and go from your house as you please using your cell phone as a key. When you step out of the door with your phone in your pocket the door locks behind you. To open it again, simply twist the nob. Your cell phone will communicate with the lock so that you don’t have to deal with the inconvenience of a key.

This is yet another great option for anyone that doesn’t mind paying more money for a high-tech product.

Kwikset ObisdieiA Touchscreen Deadbolt:

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This next lock brings a more modern touch to the keyless lock. Featuring an obsidian design, and a touch screen pad, this device is certainly not your average lock. But while the design is high-tech it still functions roughly the same as the last lock that we looked at, though admittedly with a higher price.

This lock is a great option for anyone that doesn’t mind paying a little bit more for an attractive, high tech design.

Schlage Deadbolt:

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This next lock is something of a favorite of mine for the fact that I have one guarding the front door of my own home. Schlage is very well known in the world of smart locks, and for good reason. Their products are extremely secure, they blend in very well with the design of any door, and they even boast user-friendly features, like a beep notification that alerts users when their batter is on low.

This is a great option for anyone that simply wants a great lock.


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The first product that we will be looking at is manufactured by MiLocks. This keyless lock functions as a replacement for your standard nob and boasts an easy install that does not require extensive wiring. It’s a relatively simple lock but it will serve as a great option for anyone looking for basic, convenient protection.

Yale Security Assure Lock:

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This next lock really shows off in the tech department by linking up with users cell phones to give them comprehensive control over their homes. Through the Bluetooth technology, you can lock your front door through your cell phone, or even through a voice command using an Amazon Alexa empowered device.

This is the perfect product for the person that it is into home automation.

Kwikset Kevo:

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The Kevo is also of the company Kwikset but offers some major improvements upon the last of their products that we looked at. At first glance, this easy to install lock looks pretty typical. However, while it may look like a regular lock, it is anything but, featuring blue tooth technology that allows you to use your phone as a key. This lock is so high tech that when you approach your lock with your phone in your pocket all you need to do to open it is touch it with your finger.

The advanced technology featured on this lock makes it a great option for anyone that wants the most convenience possible.

Kwikset 909 Smartcode:


While this next option may not be as techy as the last few locks that we have looked at, it is nevertheless an affordable way to keep your home secure while still enjoying convenient access to your home. It’s a simple and straightforward lock but it makes a great option for the person that wants to save some money on a product that is still extremely efficient. It’s certainly a great opportunity to take advantage of during the Black Friday smart lock sales.

Samsung Smart Things

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The final product that we will be looking at actually is not a smart lock, though it will help you make the most of one. Samsung Smart Things is a product that centralizes all of your smart devices so that you can enjoy comprehensive control over your home all from one app.

If you buy a blue tooth smart lock you will be able to control it alongside all your other smart devices, all from one app on your phone. It’s a great product for anyone with lots of smart devices.

A Quick Word of Advice

As you look into buying the perfect smart lock, just consider your needs. Are you a smartphone owner that wants to have complete control of your home all through your cell phone, or simply a homeowner that wants convenient access to your house?

Deciding what you want ahead of time will make the buying process easier and it may even save you some money.


As you can see, there are plenty of great smart locks out there. Consult your guide to the best smart lock Holiday deals, and choose the product that is perfect for your needs.

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