How To Select A Natural Gas And Electricity Provider 

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When you are selecting a natural gas and electricity provider, you need to consider more than the price the company can provide. You are hoping to save money on your utilities, but you cannot give up other amenities or customer service to save money. Read more below to learn what you are looking for when choosing these companies.

Select A Natural Gas and Electricity Provider

Every gas and electricity provider is different, and you need to know how to investigate each company before making your choice. There are several steps below, and each one of them can completely change the way that you approach your utility bills.

Is The Provider Running A Sale Or Special?

Edmonton power companies run their own specials all the time. It is very common for these companies to offer a gift if you switch, and they also have specials where they can offer you fixed rates, help you cut costs, and ensure that you keep a good rate for a long period of time. You could get a gift card for switching, be entered in a contest to win a big prize, or take a two-year contract that ensures your dramatically low rates.

Are You Getting Both Services From The Same Company?

You are not compelled to get electricity and gas from the same company, but you might save some money if you get a discount for taking both services. If you get gas from the electric company’s partner and you will get a discount on gas because those companies work together. You could do the same thing in reverse, and you need to remember that most people who are looking for both services can quickly sign a contract and move on. 

What Is Their Standard Rate?

You need to know the standard rate for each company in the area. You can check the rates from all the companies in the area, and you will get to know what the average is in the area. Some companies will match prices, and you should take screenshots of all the prices you find. You can share a lower price with a company you would like to use, and they will give you that price because they want your business.

How Do They Handle Installation And Starting Your Plan?

The installation and startup for your plan should be handled in the simplest manner possible. You can ask the Gas Company or electric company to transfer your service for you. They will use the information from your current bill, and they will let you know when the changeover has occurred. Plus, the company can handle the transfer quickly so that you are on their rate plan and not your old plan. 

You should get a letter in the mail noting that you have made the change to the new plan, and you can keep that for your records to show that you have actually transferred. Sometimes, the old gas or electric company might think they still need to bill you, and you can use this letter as proof that you have changed.

Once you have started gas or electric service, you will need to have someone come inspect the house for a few moments to ensure everything can start properly. The electric company may not need to send anyone, or they may send someone to check the post in front of your home. You do not need to be home for this inspection, and the electric company will solve any problems with the box at no cost to you.

The gas company needs to check the stove, HVAC unit, and hot water heater to ensure that the gas comes into the house properly. There are a lot of times when the gas company needs to turn all these items on and wait for gas to flow through the house, and this may also be the gas if you have a gas grill attached to the home’s gas line. When the gas is flowing properly, the technician will let you know that your service has started.

Does The Company Has A Good Credit Rating?

You need to check the credit rating of every energy company that you are working with. When the company has a good credit rating, they can pass on savings to you as the customer. If the company has a bad credit rating, you might pay higher prices because the company is paying too much in interest when it borrows money. 

You can also read about any complaints that the company has on its record. You can check for these complaints online, and you should make sure that the company is no longer in the middle of litigation. When the company is fighting lawsuits, they cannot give you the best prices.

Does The Company Offer Good Customer Service?

When you are choosing a gas or electric company, you need to check their customer service record. You can read complaints that have been lodged against the company, and you can get an idea of how the company helps its customers. Make certain that you can call the energy company, send them an email, or live chat with them on their website. When you can reach the energy company easily, you can resolve all issues that you have with the account.

The company should also have an app where you can check your balance, make sure that there are no problems with your account, and ensure that you can make payments quickly. An app also gives you quick access to the phone number that you an call, and you might even get a special phone code that will be dialed by the app.

How Do They Handle Emergency Response?

You can check on emergency response for the electric or gas company by looking online at all disasters they have dealt with. If you have a major power outage, you deserve to get your power turned back on as soon as possible. If the company has a record of handling emergencies well, you can be sure that you will not have issues with your power or gas when there are storms, blizzards, or freak accidents that damage the power or gas system.


Edmonton power companies may offer help with home security systems or home automation systems, and they will also give you a discount on your bill if you use these services. Check their credit rating, get a good deal, and make sure that they offer quality customer service. These companies are very easy to work with once you have chosen the right one.

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