4 Reasons to Replace Your Older Fire Safety Now

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The responsibility of protecting your employees is one every boss takes seriously. And part of keeping them safe includes making sure all the fire safety and suppression equipment is functioning properly. While you’ve been diligent about having the fire extinguishers and other equipment inspected regularly, the day will come when some or all of it needs to be replaced. Here are a few signs that day has arrived.

Reasons to Replace Your Fire Safety Equipment

Four Reasons to Replace Your Fire-Safety Supply

Getting Close to Two Decades

It’s true that repairs and even refurbishing a lot of equipment will add years of reliable performance to your system. In some cases, experts will recommend that clients opt for refurbishing rather than replacing things like extinguishers, sprinklers, and safety guards.  This is typically true when the equipment has been in place for a decade or less.


As some of the equipment gets closer to the two-decade mark though, refurbishing becomes less of an option. By 20 years, you really need to be looking at replacements rather than sinking more money on the older systems and equipment. A professional can help you determine which elements need replacing first.


More Frequent Repairs

Perhaps the equipment is not that old, but operational issues are occurring frequently. Maybe the equipment you selected was good enough to pass an inspection but not the best quality. While you paid a little less up front, it’s now necessary to absorb the increased expense of making constant repairs. Now is a good time to escape this circle and invest in new equipment that is top of the line. Once you do that, taking proper care of those fire extinguishers will be simpler and more cost-effective.


Older Technology

Technology continues to move forward in just about any field. That includes fire safety equipment designs and functions. What you installed 15 years ago is not bad, but it doesn’t offer the protections that a more contemporary setup provides. Since your focus is on making sure your employees are safe and the building and the contents sustain as little damage as possible, why not replace aging safety guards, overhead sprinklers, fire alarms, and other basics?

Along with taking advantage of what more modern technology has to offer, you might even find the insurance company provides a modest discount on your coverage.


Changes in Local Codes

It’s not unusual for local jurisdictions to update their safety codes and regulations from time to time. Your current set of fire extinguishers and other equipment is still in compliance with the codes, but some elements are barely meeting today’s minimum requirements.

If more changes are made, the decision of whether to upgrade may no longer be in your hands. Instead of waiting until then, work with a professional to determine what elements to replace so the overall setup is likely to remain in compliance.


If you don’t know a great deal about what to choose or why it matters, rest assured a responsible professional can help you know what makes for excellent safety guards, alarms, and other essentials. Make the changes and you will be prepared if some type of fire should break out. All it takes is one instance to make the investment worthwhile.

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