You Won’t Stop Laughing When You Watch this 10 Mins of Funny Cat Movie

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Everyone knows cats are cute, but who know they could be funny? Well they are and when I say funny i don’t mean a giggle. I’m talking about hysterical, non-stop laughter when you watch.

We’ve all seen cute little videos of cats that make us chuckle but how about videos that have you crying tears of laughter? Well, that’s what we get in this video. Instead of your typical silly cat faces we get cats who think they are dogs (and even growl), cats who believe the camera is out to get them and cats who practically make out with the camera!

What Happened?

Have you ever seen a cat with a cup stuck to its head? Well, you’re about to and I can promise it is really funny. How about a cat trying to attack itself in a mirror? Well, that’s here too and it’s another guaranteed laugh-riot. Think a cat afraid to look at itself is funny? If so then you this 10 minute video filled with silly cats was made for you.

You will double over with laughter as you watch a cat get a kitty door stuck to it and listen to a cat actually say no when his owner asks if he wants a bath over and over! There is also a cat who “smokes” a cigarette” and refuses to give up that bad habit.

Last, but not least there’s a cat who fights another “cat”, only to discover it is actually a balloon! If you love cats and you love to laugh then this video is the one for you. After you watch share it with your friends too so they can have a good laugh and share it with their friends as well.

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