The Ins and Outs of Skirting Boards

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 So you’ve done it, you managed to build your dream home, the hard part is over, or so you thought. The trickiest part now is the finishing details, the final touches and the critical decisions to bring it all together.

The Ins and Outs of Skirting Boards

And I’m not talking about furniture or curtains, more like architraves and skirting boards, they go unnoticed when done well, a sign of clean craftsmanship, but if incomplete, can ruin the feel of the room and bring down the morale. The choice is key and the right skirting boards can make or break your aesthetic.

So what are these skirting boards then? Well, also known as mop boards, baseboards or floor molding, they are essentially the protectors of the wall. You can see here its definition, geometry and similar references, but its main purpose is to create a flawless look between the wall and the floor.

Why Choose Skirting Boards?

Besides the fact that it has been around for years and comes as a standard practice to install when owning a home, it adds a decorative flair to complete the look and feel of a room. It takes the abuse of kicks, furniture knocks, and abrasions so that the wall is protected. Replacing a skirting board is, after all, easier to manage than a full wall.

It also brings the room together, when done well, it adds value to the property and the air in the room is lighter, not forced. Naturally choosing the correct style is a must to achieve this look, a Victorian design in a cottage is going to look not only odd but ruin the creativity you have built.

You need skirting boards to hide wires and cables. There is nothing worse than having a wonderfully artistic room, only to be brought down by a mess of wires running along the wood flooring. A simple tuck behind and neat installation can solve this issue in a jiffy.

3 Advantages of Having Skirting Boards

  • Saving the walls. Especially in our house, with kids who don’t know the meaning of walking, running in and out of rooms and doors banging and shutting all over the place.
    A mere skirting board, humble in its appearance, can save you a world of heartache by taking the burden of the scuffs and keeping the walls looking as decent as always.
  • Flooring. This is notably evident when installing wood floors. The builders will usually, and insistently, leave a breathing gap for the wood to expand and contract, so having a skirting board can allow this while still giving a finished look and no visible gaps.
  • Easy installation. Not only is it low maintenance, but quick and easy to install. So, if you did decide to change the look in your home, a switch out and replaced skirting board can be done with minimal costs but maximum results.

The Right Company to Install

As this is your home and you have to live in it, be sure that the company you decide to use for the installation of your skirting boards is reliable. Ask family or friends for recommendations, use a local business if possible, this will show that they are established within the community and won’t be packing up overnight never to be seen again.

You want a company that is willing and able to answer all your questions without hesitation, has a client base of happy customers which you can research on their website, and discuss all details upfront and throughout the process.

If these qualities sound like a brand you would want to work with for your project, then visit this site for your skirting and be safe in knowing you will get a professional service with the expertise to back it up.

And if you live in a small village as I do, support makes the world go around. You know what they say, scratch my back I’ll scratch yours.

Skirting Board Styles

Tall or short, two ridges or one, I had no idea that a basic trim where the floor meets the wall had so many details, not to mention the styles available. Then there are pre-primed for you to finish to your taste and color palette later on or opt for pre-finished that once it’s fitted, your done and dusted.

Classic, rounded, Victorian, and all other eras you could think of, each distinct in their style and all bringing a specific enhanced look to the interior. You want a profile that will complement the rest of the home, be at one with the architecture and finish the look like the last sip of a great wine.

In my opinion, do your research. Be aware of the age of the property, get samples, lay them down and sleep on any decisions for a few nights. This is the icing on the cake, make sure it’s the flavor you like.

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