How to Create Balance with a Sectional Sofa

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When you choose a sectional for your living room, it can give one part of your room a lot of visual weight. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s important to balance it out so that your room doesn’t look lopsided. The good news is that you can create a beautiful sense of balance in the room if you take the right approach.

How to Create Balance with a Sectional Sofa

Balance Heavy Pieces

Starting the design process with a lovely sectional like the Nantahala Slate Reclining Sectional is no problem at all if you remember to add weight in other areas of the room, too. Usually, the best place to add this visual weight is on the opposite wall as your main piece. Since the sectional follows a corner, it’s best to add something on the opposite corner as well. It should be another foundational piece – something that is also reasonably large.

Vary Heights

When everything is the same height, a large piece like a sectional can seem to take up the whole space. By varying heights between items, you add visual interest throughout your room. For example, you could put a tall bookcase opposite your sectional and a shorter end table beside it. The differences in height give other pieces their chance to shine as they enhance the appearance of your overall design scheme.

However, it’s important that the heights are significantly different. When everything is just slightly off, it can give your room a shabby look. So, if you’re shopping on a site like 1StopBedrooms, simply look on the details page to find the dimensions. Then, make sure the heights of the different pieces you choose are either the same or different enough to create a pleasing effect.

Pull the Eye Around the Room

Using accent colors can help balance out your décor because they pull your eye around the room. But the only way to make that happen is to spread the colors around. For example, if you have a slate gray sectional and your accent color is a coordinating cream color, then use that color not only in throw pillows for the sectional but also in other objects at the other side of the room.

Avoid Excess Small Objects

While you’re buying smaller accent pieces for your living room, remember that too many small objects make your room look cluttered. Do use some small objects, but don’t get carried away. You can add a few small items next to the large pieces of furniture, such as a small statue on a table next to your sectional. Another option, as The Spruce recommends, is using the 3:1 rule for heights of small objects. All you have to do is place three decorative objects of different heights together and contrast them against one larger object on the opposite side of a shelf.

Sectionals give you lots of comfortable seating to lounge and enjoy your time at home. Although they take up a significant amount of physical and visual space, they don’t have to overshadow everything else. When you decorate your room the right way, a sectional can look completely natural and elegant in your balanced space.

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