6 Tips On How To Improve Your Home Lighting

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Home lighting is extremely important to the atmosphere of your home. Looking for a way to change up your living space? Want to create more of a certain mood in your room? Are you planning on having company, and are looking for ways to set the proper tone? No matter what the reason may be, there are several things that you can do around your house that can change how bright or shadowy your rooms are. The following six tips will show you some great ideas on how to improve home lighting in order to create different looks at any time.

6 Tips On How To Improve Your Home Lighting


1. Plan The Layout Of The Room

If you’re looking to change up the lighting in your living room to set a different mood, plan out your layout first. For best results, hiring lighting design services so that professionals handle the layout design is your best option, but there are a few minor things you can do yourself. For example, if you want to make it appear brighter and more cheerful, set up your furniture in a way that makes the room appear big and spacious such as pushing couches and chairs against the wall. If you want to make it appear darker and more romantic, pull them all away from the walls, leaving an open space in the middle of the room. Also, place table lamps in corners or along dark walls to brighten everything up.

2. Use The Right Bulbs For The Job

There are several different types of light bulbs to choose from when changing up your home lighting (such as fluorescent and halogen), but not all bulbs were made alike. Fluorescent bulbs emit a blue-ish tint, which makes it easy on the eyes for reading and doing work. However, these same lights can cause issues with some people if they are exposed to them too long. Halogen lights are great because they give off the same kind of warm, yellow light as candlelight. However, halogen bulbs can get extremely hot very quickly and pose a fire hazard. Other options include:

LED lights. The best part about LED lights is that they emit a lot of light while remaining cool to the touch and much more durable than other bulbs. As an added bonus, these bulbs last for years on end before needing to be replaced.

Incandescent lightbulbs. While not recommended for use in areas where heat might exceed room temperature, incandescent lights are still very popular options due to being inexpensive and being able to produce light quickly when switched on.

Because there are so many different types of lighting in the home nowadays, choosing the right one can seem daunting at first glance. Learn which type of bulb is best for different tasks such as reading, watching TV/movies, having dinner, or other situations that you may encounter in your home. If you’re looking for help in choosing the right bulb for your needs, try visiting a store that specializes in only bulbs.

3. Consider Your Walls And Ceilings

Another great way to change up your home lighting is by changing the colour of your walls and ceiling. Painting them a different colour can make everything look brighter or darker depending on what you’re going for. If you’re trying to brighten things up, then painting your ceiling white or eggshell might be your best option. If you want to create an environment that feels more serene, try painting it a light shade of blue or green because these colours are very soothing to the eyes.

If you don’t like painting but still want the same effect, consider looking into peel-and-stick vinyl tiles that transform your walls and ceilings in minutes without any hassle!

4. Add More Windows To Your Rooms

Adding more windows to your house can make it appear brighter and larger, which is perfect for smaller rooms. There are plenty of different options available depending on what room you’d like to add a window to. For example, try adding French doors or sliding glass doors in your kitchen where they can let in a ton of light and, as an added bonus, provide you with access to your backyard.

For smaller windows such as those found on doors or the sides of buildings, you can install reflective screens that open up onto your yard or garden to allow more light into interior spaces without letting bugs in too.

If you’re looking for a stylish and more modern alternative, try adding skylights to your home. Not only will this help bring in a ton of natural light, but they can also make your room look bigger because they draw attention upwards too!

5. Add More Light Switches To Your Rooms

If you find yourself stumbling around in your house at night, try adding more light switches to your rooms so they can be turned on with ease. You could even install motion-sensor lights in the stairways, hallways, and bathrooms to make it easier than ever for everyone who lives there to avoid danger.

6. Get Rid Of Unused Bulbs

An easy way to change up your home lighting is by getting rid of lights that aren’t being used anymore. If you feel as though you have too many lamps or other light sources around your house, stop wasting energy by unplugging those that are sitting idle. It’ll save you money on a monthly basis.

Get Rid Of Unused Bulbs

Remember, when it comes to lighting all spaces in your home, different types of bulbs are appropriate for different tasks. Always choose the right bulb so you can get the most optimum light quality! Also, windows and light switches can provide a huge benefit for those looking to brighten up their home. And lastly, remember not to waste energy on lights no one will be using!

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