Top Ways to Create a Smart Home and Boost the Property Value

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More people are transforming their houses into smart homes to increase the functionality of the property and also reduce their energy usage. There are a variety of smart tools and products that will save time and make it easy to secure the building. When you want to upgrade to a smart home in 2018 and increase the value of the property, there are a few essential steps to take.

Smart Home Appliances

Install a Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats are favored for their ability to learn your habits and include sensors that are used in the home to determine when you’re in the house or are away from the property. The device will adjust the temperature to save energy when the house is vacant and can change the temperature accordingly once you return, which can save hundreds of dollars throughout the year by conserving more energy.

Some of the thermostats can even play music, respond to voice commands, and purchase products online that you want to buy.

Replace Your Security System

Home security systems are more advanced due to the smart features that are now included, which secures the property and reduces the risk of a break-in. Consider replacing your outdated security system with a modern device that includes surveillance cameras. You can install the cameras at different entryways of the home and determine who is at your front door before answering it. The cameras also turn on once motion is detected, which can allow you to record footage during the day or night.

Advanced security systems can also sync to your smartphone and allow you to lock your doors or turn on lights while you’re away. You can have peace of mind knowing that you can unlock the front door for your kids when they get home from school each day or lock the back door if you’ve already left the home.

Choose an Assistant

According to NY Times, virtual voice-controlled assistants are increasing in popularity and are standard in smart homes. The tech assistants allow you to speak voice commands that make it easy to lock certain doors of the home or turn on lights without having to lift a finger. The devices are available at different price points and can perform thousands of skills. Many of the assistants even have third-party capabilities.

The assistants also have stylish and trendy exteriors, making it easy to own a product that contributes to the design of the home.

Smart Refrigerators

Smart refrigerators are incredibly useful for those who spend plenty of time in the kitchen. They include a screen on the outside of the appliance, which allows you to stay informed on the weather forecast and the news as you cook. Some of the models even have a camera built inside of the refrigerator, which can sync to your smartphone or tablet. If you’re at the grocery store, you can take a peek inside of the fridge to determine which types of foods or ingredients you need to buy. Some of the fridges are also built with a smart cooling system that can monitor the humidity level.

According to CBS News, other appliances that are considered to be smart include touchscreen displays and microwave sensor cooking to increase the convenience that is provided while cooking in the kitchen.

Central Vacuum Systems

Some homes include vacuum cleaners above the floors, which can allow you to sweep the house and brush the debris that is collected on the floors into the walls. The walls will suck up the dirt and can reduce the amount of time that it takes to tidy up each day.

Smart Locks

Smart locks are often keyless, making it easy to get in and out of your home with the touch of your fingerprint or with face recognition. The locks can also grant access to housekeepers or for real estate agents for a specific amount of time to avoid giving out copies of keys to people that you hire.

The locks increase the value of the home by offering peace of mind to buyers and reducing the risk of a break-in. After increasing the value of the home with the high-tech locks, you can compare real estate agents to determine which one can showcase your home and allow it to have more exposure on the market.

Enhancing your home with the latest tech tools and products will create a smart space that makes it easier to have control over the property. By installing the right devices, you can get more use out of the space and also boost the value of the property by making the investment.

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