How to Bring Your Home into the Modern Age

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Everything these days is taking the next step to go digital. You have smart refrigerators, automatic vacuum cleaners, and smarter appliances. Before long, you’ll be able to walk into your kitchen, press a button and make a full course meal. No, you can’t count TV dinners from the microwave as full course meals.

How to Bring Your Home into the Modern Age

Not all the changes, however, have to be with fancy screens or buttons. Some of them are quite simple and can be implemented tomorrow.

While you may not be getting a Rosie from The Jetsons anytime soon, there are some affordable and practical digital products, items or activities you can do with your house. Below is a short list of some of your next projects.


Getting Smart in the Bathroom

While it may not have all the bells and whistles as other household items, you should consider investing in smart bathroom appliances. While a Bluetooth shower head or voice-activated mirror may look cooler, consider options that let you lower your carbon footprint and save you money on your water bill. Did you know the average family wastes almost 10,000 gallons of water per year?

Look into getting a smart faucet, which is estimated to help save up to 1,000 gallons per year by helping reduce water waste. It’s a great option for children and families who are just learning how to use the sink. In addition, it’s a healthier option as you’ll never have to touch the faucet.

In addition to the smart faucet, there are plenty of shower items that measure your shower time to make sure you’re not over-consuming water and can give you a helpful reminder to turn the water off. It’s a great way to be eco-friendly and make your house more digital.


Going Wireless

If you have set up a surround sound system in the past, you may have horrible memories of trying to hide all of those ugly wires. It may have been you were trying to stuff them in between the floorboard and the wall or coming up with more creative solutions.

With Bluetooth technology advancing as rapidly as it is, it may be time to take your sounds wireless. Not only is it going to impress your guests, but it will clear up any clutter of wires hanging around, making it much easier for you to move around. Plus, the only threat your cat may possess is knocking a speaker off the table instead of chewing through a wire.


Laundry Time

Everyone hates doing the laundry, right? Well, there is a way you can leave your clothes fresher, save energy and take less time.

Laundry Time

A great purchase you should make is a reusable dryer ball. Not only does it lessen your dryer time, but you’ll save money on your energy bill and having to buy dryer sheets every few weeks. Just leave it in your dryer permanently and let it do the rest.


Share Your Changes Online

While you may be about searching for different changes or upgrades to your house, you can pay it forward by showing everything you’ve done. Why not go fully digital and bring your work online with a blog?

It’s a great way to track your progress, a journal of sorts for you, while simultaneously encouraging others to do the same thing. It always helps to see detailed tutorials, before/after pictures and testimonies from real people.

If you’re a big DIYer, you could combine these two hobbies and go about making a great blog or website. This way gives you a physical home and a digital one!


Keeping it Cool

One of the more common smart gadgets to make it into homes as of late are smart thermometers. You may have seen one in a neighbor or friend’s house.

So, what are the benefits to this? They come with a perfectly secure box so no one can change the temperature from your desired point. Just kidding.

Smart thermometers can be linked with a number of different devices, allowing you to control your home’s climate from afar. Arriving to a warm home is always a small blessing. Additionally, many of these thermometers have sensors that detect when you are home and can set the temperature to your preferred settings.

They also help you save on your energy bill by using energy efficiently and accordingly. This helps in case you accidentally left the AC or heat on. Don’t worry, your thermometer has got your back.

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