Everything You Need to Know Before Moving to Toronto

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Moving to a new city is a big step and one that is often fraught with anxiety. However, the good news is that if you’re familiar with the city you’re moving to, you can make the transition much more manageable. In this post, you will deliver some of the main reasons you might want to move to Toronto and some general information that will make your move less stressful.

Everything You Need to Know Before Moving to Toronto

Why You Should Move To Toronto

The city offers the best of both worlds, with plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs, as well as a rich cultural scene that is second to none. Toronto’s entrepreneurial ecosystem has experienced explosive growth over the last decade. It also has one of the highest concentrations of startups per capita in North America, boasting more Fortune 500 companies than any other Canadian city. It is home to major corporations like Rogers Communications Inc., BlackBerry Limited, Manulife Financial Corporation, Thomson Reuters Canada Ltd., Maple Leaf Foods, Magna International Inc., Air Canada, General Electric Company (Canada) Ltd. All of this means that there are plenty of highly skilled jobs available.s

Low Cost Of Living (Compared To Other Canadian Cities)

There are many reasons to move to Toronto. Toronto is the most diverse city in all of Canada. It is home to people from everywhere in the world with different backgrounds, cultures, languages, and customs, making it very exciting for newcomers. Toronto has a lower cost of living than Canada’s other major cities (looking at you, Vancouver), which means that Toronto homes are more affordable, allowing you to attain a bigger house in a nicer neighborhood or better school district. Nevertheless, while it is certainly more affordable than some other major cities like Vancouver, it is still expensive to buy property, so you should look around for the best deals.

Toronto has plenty for everyone to do, whether you are an outdoorsy person who loves nature and hiking trails, an intellectual with an interest in arts and theatre, or if you are looking for nightlife with great restaurants and bars that stay open late. There are also excellent public transportation options available, so getting around will be simple!

Public Transportation Is Excellent In The City

Although other cities offer better options with fewer delays, the existing public transportation network is nothing to be sniffed at. It provides a comprehensive range of buses, trams, trams, and even a decent subway, making traveling around the city easier. Cycling is also a popular choice for many but can become challenging during the winter months, leading nicely to the next point…

Public Transportation Is Excellent In The City

Prepare For The Weather

Toronto has a wide range of weather and conforms to the usual four seasons that you are probably artery used to. However, while the summers are comfortable, you need to prepare for harsh winters as they can be cold and miserable at times. As Toronto is located near Lake Ontario, its climate is influenced by it. By having a lake to cool down in the summer and heat up in the winter, Toronto remains warmer than it would otherwise be. As a result, Toronto experiences extreme summer humidity due to its proximity to the Great Lakes.

It Is Extremely Liberal

Unlike some states of its southern cousin, Toronto and Canada are highly liberal. This results in a lower drinking age than the USA. Therefore, you shouldn’t be surprised if you see people smoking in public without fear of recrimination. In addition to these points, the city has a multicultural feel, mainly influenced by its large east Asian population. This results in an incredible food scene with different flavors from around the world.

It’s A Very Safe Place To Live

Toronto is a very safe city to both live and raise a family. Furthermore, it was voted as one of the safest cities worldwide by The Economist Intelligence Unit (the second safest in 2021, just behind Copenhagen). What this means in practice is that you will live in a location that is relatively free of crime and the fear that usually accompanies it. Nonetheless, you should still take precautions as it is still a city of over 2 million people. However, if you are sensible, take appropriate precautions, and don’t act like an idiot, you are unlikely to encounter the kind of crime that is so common in other cities across North America.

The Wonders Of Canadian Nature Are Right At Your Fingertips

If you ever feel the need to escape the claustrophobic confines of a major city, you can always decide to jump in your car (or on the train) and enjoy the great outdoors. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, there are a multitude of activities that you can enjoy. From hiking to biking, there is enough to last you a lifetime.

In summary, Toronto, like all cities, has its pros and cons. You’ll want to find a neighborhood that works for you and a community that will welcome you. If you’re looking for a city with a dynamic, creative, and tolerant population, Toronto has it in spades.

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