Essential Tools that Every Advanced Woodworker Should Have

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Essential Tools That Every Advanced Woodworker Should Have

Woodworking requires having the right tool for the job. The craft of woodwork comprises many different aspects and one cannot possibly master all of them at once. Each aspect has its tools and it is important to learn about each type before you start working on it. Most woodworkers agree that there are essential tools or sets of tools that should be present in every workshop, irrespective of the kind of work being done in it. These include saws, clamps, drill bits, hand planes, etc.

There are a few other essentials that most people tend to overlook in this list but their importance in woodworking can never be denied. These items will be discussed in brief in this article along with their function and use throughout the process of wooden construction.


There is no arguing that clamps are essential to any task in woodworking and hence every woodworker should have a number of them, varying from 6 to 12 depending on the kind of work being done. The different types available include bar or pipe clamps, C-clamps, spring clamps, etc. All these serve different purposes and one must know about them before buying to get an idea of their application for various tasks in woodwork. They can be used for clamping, positioning, and also for creating pressure in certain areas during the process of construction. Besides, they can also be used to hold the workpiece in place while sawing, drilling, or sanding it.


Jointer helps in straightening edges before using them for making wooden structures or furniture to give a professional look. This tool is very important and can be used not only by professionals but also by DIY enthusiasts at home. Jointer helps in bringing wooden surfaces on the same level and trying them using a cutter head with knives mounted to its circumference. After using the best jointer, your wooden surfaces will be ready to use either for building furniture or wooden structures. There are different options available depending on their size and design, but the most important feature to consider before buying a jointer is making sure that blades are at 90-degree angles with a table using adjustable gib screws.

Drill Bits

Drill bits are very important tools in woodworking and almost every task requires their use. From start to finish, there is hardly any task that does not require you to drill holes of different sizes and shapes (round, triangular, etc.) in various parts of your project. The two most common types of drill bits include brad point bits and twist drills. Brad-point drill bits are used for creating holes with sharp edges at the end that provide maximum guidance when drilling into wooden surfaces without damaging their surface (for example, if you require an accurate round hole without any scratches).

On the other hand, twist drills are used for drilling holes in different materials ranging from wood to metal without any hitch. The design of this drill bit is such that it self-centers itself when you pull the trigger, thus creating an accurate hole.


Planes are uncommon tools found only in advanced workshops, although they are very useful and can be used to achieve several different tasks related to woodwork. Woodworkers know how much difference one plane can make when working on wooden surfaces and hence they should acquire them as and when they build their workshop. There is a selection available including block planes, shoulder planes, scrub planes, etc., all having different applications in creating wooden structures or furniture.

For example, a block plane is a small tool used for smoothening wooden surfaces and shaving off layers of wood from the workpiece with perfection. A shoulder plane is another tool that provides excellent results in smoothing edges or grooves on the surface of your project.


Do not let its size fool you into believing that pliers are tools only meant for repairing household items like taps etc. Pliers can be used in a variety of tasks related to woodwork including holding objects firmly, bending ornamental pieces, cutting wires or even cotter pins, etc. One must always have a set of different types of pliers in their workshops as each has a specific application. Alligator grips and needle-nose grips are two important pliers that every woodworker should have for using them at different times.

Bench Vice

Bench Vice


Vice is another tool that every advanced workshop should have because it can help you in performing different tasks using your material. It is commonly used to hold the workpiece stationary while using saws or operating on it with drill bits, etc. The most important feature available in a vice is its ability to open and close using screw mechanisms that allow the best grip of the workpiece throughout the processes of construction. A variety of types are available including swivel leaps, revolving leaps, etc. which vary according to their size and designs for different uses (bench vices are small whereas end vises are very large).

All the tools mentioned above are important for every advanced workshop where woodworking is regularly carried out as these help in carrying out different tasks with perfection. Therefore, before starting to build your workshop, you must make sure that these tools are made available and not left out in the process of construction.

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