Advantages of Using Solar Panels in Darwin, Australia

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When you are a citizen of the Northern Territories, you will know that Australia is blessed with intense heat and temperatures. The sun can be quite intense at times and finding shade from its sharp rays is important to protect your skin. There is one great advantage of the Australian sun though and that is that we can make the most out of territory sun. Installing solar panels on your property is not only great for the environment, but it’s also greatly beneficial for your budget.

Advantages of Using Solar Panels in Darwin, Australia

How are Solar Panels Made?

These big slabs of steel might look a bit daunting, but they are excellently manufactured and combine six different components. Components usually consists of Plexiglas, metal aluminum frame, standard voltage wire, bus wire, silicon solar cells, and glass sheet casings.

For the entire panel to serve its purpose monocrystalline panels are made from a large silicon block. Other panels can be made from amorphous silicon or polycrystalline cells. These solar cells are usually formed into thinner wafers or thin films and places on large metal frames. Watch this video to see how solar panels are made:

The combination of all these components have the functionality of obtaining solar energy generated by the sun’s rays. This solar energy is free of charge and can be converted into electrical power.

Pros of Investing in Solar Power

Even though the creation of this groundbreaking tech is quite complex and difficult to understand, it’s very evident that using solar energy to power electricity is much safer for the environment. Here is a list of a few other pros when investing in solar power energy:

Positive Impact

Other energy sources that use materials like biofuels, nuclear, coal, and hydropower have a negative impact on the environment. Not only do they create huge carbon footprints they are also responsible for water pollution and noise pollution.

Solar energy has many environmental benefits in that it uses 20 times less water than other resources, does not release any greenhouse gases, and it doesn’t generate any noise. Therefore, it has a much bigger and more positive impact on the environment.

All power generated by these systems are renewable and clean. It’s available 24/7 every day of the year and reduces dependence on fossil fuels and foreign oil.

More Affordable

In the beginning, you will have to pay a large sum for the panels and installation. Thereafter, you will be saving more and more. Users who take advantage of solar energy do not have to use electricity from the utility company anymore. Resulting in very low energy bills.

More Affordable green energy

Between 11am and 4pm, the demand for electricity from the utility company is great. This means that power prices surge during those times. The great thing about solar energy, is that it reaches its peak performance during those hours.

You will not be affected by the higher prices and you can benefit from the surplus amount of electricity you already generated. Users can even make an income from the unused power generated by the solar panels. Grants are offered to individuals for them to sell extra power generated by their green investment.

Being less reliant from the utility company and being able to produce power for those around you, will save you a lot of money and give you great independence. If you are interested, click here to learn more about how you can make solar energy work for you.

Not Location Bound

Especially for those living off the grid or in remote areas, electricity can become quite a problem when there are complications with electrical lines. The distance for energy to travel from the source to the receiver will cause a decrease in intensity. Researchers have proven that between 3-5% of power is lost during the distribution of energy to remote locations.

Having your own power box nearby will ensure that you aren’t affected by any power cuts or loss of energy through transportation. Many people have completely cut their connection with utility companies and are solely living off of the sun’s radiation. As a result, they are saving money, becoming independent, and living more eco-friendly.

Anywhere, Anytime

Living in Darwin Australia, there is an abundance of sun rays freely available to anyone who lives in the Northern Hemisphere. This means that panels can be installed anywhere at any time. Either on the roof of your home or on an open field, depending on the space you have available.

Especially if you are living in a remote area, you will benefit from solar energy the most. Many people do not have access to electricity, because lines have to laid down in order for power to be transported to remote areas. This is costly and takes a lot of time.

Panels do not use any wires and should not be connected to any main source. The main source is the sun and if there is an open space, the panels can be laid out ready to soak up the radiation.

Living in the land down under has its perks and solar panels are one of them. No matter whether you live remotely, in a suburb, or in Darwin itself – investing in high quality solar energy is a great way to do your part in saving the environment and some money.

Creating Jobs

This isn’t a direct advantage, but definitely an extension of the industry. Investing in solar energy creates jobs for hundreds of Australians. Workers are employed to install panels all over the country and others are employed to troubleshoot, manufacture, redesign, and perform research. Not only will you be investing in your own energy source, but you’ll also be investing in the local economy that boosts the community.

The fact that solar energy is completely pollution free and creates no greenhouse gases should be enough to persuade you to get your own set. If that’s not enough, the fact that it can be installed anywhere, has a great return on investment, and is cost-effective are all the reasons you need to move to a greener way of living.

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