What Steps Should You Take After a Minor Road Traffic Collision?

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When you head out to your car in the mornings, you don’t expect to end up in a road traffic collision. No matter how safe of a driver you are, you can’t always predict the actions of other drivers and you can’t always avoid accidents on the roads.

What Steps Should You Take After a Minor Road Traffic Collision

Every year, thousands of people get injured in car accidents and this results in millions of dollars being paid out for auto insurance claims.

Minor road traffic incidents are those that do not result in any serious injuries or fatalities. Examples include minor bumps or scratches that can easily be fixed by qualified professionals at Body Shop Park City.

If you end up in a minor road traffic collision, there are a few important steps that you need to take. In this article, we’re going to cover these important steps so you know exactly what to do if you ever end up in a minor incident on the roads.

What Should You Do As Soon As the Accident Occurs?

Your top priority when in a road traffic collision is to clear the road so that it doesn’t cause a safety hazard for other drivers.

You must pull your car over to the side of the road or highway if it is safe and possible to do so. The other drivers involved in the incident should do the same.

Check for Injuries

When your car is safely off the road, turn the engine off and turn on your hazard lights. This will warm other drivers that you are parked at the side of the road so they can drive with extra caution when they go past.

If there are any passengers in the car, ask them to get out. Check yourself and your passengers for any signs of injury and make a note of them. Treat the injuries as quickly as possible.

If there are any injuries that you are unable to treat at the scene, you should get in touch with the emergency services.

Check for Damages

After attending to your injuries, take a look at your vehicle and make note of any damages. Take lots of photos if possible as they can be used as evidence if you need to make a claim or if a claim is made against you.

Exchange Details With Those Involved

It’s important to get the personal details of the other drivers who have been involved in the accident. Note down their name, contact number, vehicle registration, and insurance details.

You might be able to come to an agreement with the other driver(s) to avoid filing an insurance claim. However, if you are unable to agree on a solution, you might need to take legal action.

What Should You Do in the Days Following the Accident?

Once you and your family are home safely after the accident, contact your insurance company and an auto accident attorney. The insurance company will need the details of the other driver(s) involved in the accident so that they can help you to file a claim if necessary.

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