What Are the Most Common Household Pests?

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Pest infestations are one of the most annoying and time-consuming things to deal with in the home. As infrequent as they can be for many of us, they can occur at any time of the year. Whether you’re selling your home or not, it’s important to get rid of these pesky pests as quickly as possible.

What Are the Most Common Household Pests

There is a wide range of pests that can infest your home, including flies, mosquitos, mice, and pigeons. None of these pests are easy to deal with but it’s always possible to get rid of them.

If you try and fail to remove the pests from your home, you can call the professionals at Hama Pest Control to come and resolve the issue. They have special equipment that can make your home completely pest-free in just a day or two.

One or two pests might not seem like a big deal but they can quickly multiply and get out of hand. Knowing which household pests are the most common means you can easily identify them as soon as they set up their new home on your property.

Here are the most common pests that people find in their homes.


As cute as pigeons might seem when they are nesting in a tree outside, they’re not so cute when they enter your home.

Common signs of a pigeon infestation include:

  • Continuous bird noises
  • Nesting materials around your home, such as twigs and leaves
  • Droppings on the floor
  • More birds than usual flying around your home or landing on your roof
  • Damage to your property caused by pecking or fouling

Pigeons can be very disruptive to your life. They are noisy and can damage the structures and furniture on your property. when they leave droppings in your home, they can cause a nasty odor that cannot be ignored.

Mice and Rats

Some people keep rodents as pets because they’re fun to play with and look cute. However, when unwanted mice and rats enter your home, they can cause a lot of damage and disruption.

Rodents carry a range of diseases, including hantavirus, lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCMV), leptospirosis, Tularemia, and Salmonella. All of these diseases are dangerous to humans, and pose a safety risk to you and your family.

Mice and rats can also cause a lot of damage to your floorboards and furniture. They use their sharp teeth and claws to gnaw and scratch at things in your home.

If they chew through electrical wiring, you might end up needing to completely replace your electrics. Not only is this expensive but it’s also dangerous.

Flies and Mosquitos

Just one fly in your home can be a nuisance but when there are hundreds or thousands of them, it becomes a safety hazard. Flies and mosquitos can bite you, leaving itchy, swollen sores on your skin. They can also carry diseases, such as malaria.

Those pesky flying creatures surround areas where there is rotting food or organic matter, so it’s important to empty the trash cans and ensure there are no dead animals, like rodents, around your property.

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