Dry Climate? The 3 Ways To Have A Beautiful Lawn Anyway

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It is the goal of just about every homeowner to have a lush and green lawn that looks great to all the passersby. It shows that you are dedicated to maintaining a beautiful home and take pride in it. However, when you live in an arid climate, having a beautiful lawn is not easy.

3 Ways To Have A Beautiful Lawn Anyway

A lawn requires a lot of resources, namely water. If you live where rain is scarce then it is a real challenge to keep a lawn looking green. There are a few hacks that you can do to have a nice-looking lawn that fits with the climate, however. In this article, we will give you several ideas on how to achieve this.

1 – Get an artificial lawn

Artificial grass has come a long way in the last few years. They look far more natural and behave much like a regular lawn without the downsides when you live in an arid area.

For instance, many people are hesitant to get an artificial lawn even when they live in an arid climate because it used to get really hot. The latest version of artificial grass keeps the temperature down by up to 30°F so it acts more like grass. This means that artificial turf in Utah where the conditions can be very hot will still be comfortable to walk on and won’t cause problems for your pet’s sensitive paws.

They also are a breeze to take care of since they require no water, mowing, or weeding. If you have pets then cleaning it is also very easy to clean up.

2. Pick the right kind of grass

Unless you live in the middle of a desert, then there will be grass that is suited to your dry climate. You may not be able to choose any type of grass that you like, but there are options for some that can handle the arid climate. There are many drought-resistant types of grass that you can go for that will be able to handle the harsh conditions.

Drought-resistant hybrids do require a little bit of water so you will still need to use a sprinkler on them if you are facing a few months of drought conditions. A variety like Bermuda grass is a good option since it is thick, bushy, and very tolerant of dry conditions. It can handle a lot of temperature variations as well so if there is a sudden cold snap in the winter it will survive.

3. Focus on landscaping

There is the possibility of giving up on the idea of a lush, green lawn and making something equally beautiful. Instead of fighting nature, you can work with it and go for some landscaping that works for the area. For instance, you can make a rock garden that has some accents of the types of bushes that thrive in an arid area.

Then, you can put some cactus around and trees that do well in the area where you live. This will look curated and neat. As a bonus, this type of landscape is much easier to maintain.

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