Removalists in Sydney — The Beginner Guide for Moving

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Moving can be difficult, even more, if it is your first time. If you live in Sydney, you might be looking for a removalist company, also known as a moving company, but before that, you might also be interested in how the moving process goes.

Sydney Removalists-The Beginner Guide for Moving

In this article guide, we will discuss some of the most important things you should consider when it comes to moving out, and how to make things easier for you. It will also cover, to some extent, how to properly hire a hiring company in Sydney, and what you can expect from the process you can check out sites like to learn more.

The Beginning of Moving

To move is to have some sort of idea of why you are moving out, and when you are doing it. This will ultimately decide when you are going to begin acting towards it and prepare for the occasion, so depending on how much time you have, you might want to rush some stuff first, or take your time and do things calmy and organized.

By properly picking the time frame of your moving, though, you’ll be able to not only organize things more calmly and accurately, but you will also have time to decide which things you should throw away, sell or gift, to reduce the work during the final day.

You can also, to some magnitude, calculate how much furniture and appliances you’ll need to move on the date of the moving, to help a moving company estimate the final cost of the service based on it.

With that said, there’s some stuff you’ll need to cover, regardless of whether you decide to do the moving by yourself, or hire a company instead.


The First Step: Organize and Categorize

Organizing and categorizing your stuff is an important part of moving out, since it’ll help you do things faster and, during the day of the move, you’ll be able to do things much better if you have a solid plan of how things will work out.

By organizing your stuff, you can decide which things can be packed away before the day of the moving since you know you won’t use them, and which things should only be moved on the day of the moving. You can also decide which things enter the next category of this guide: the cleaning process.


Make Sure to Clean Up First

As mentioned earlier, cleaning up is an important part of the process. It’ll directly reduce the amount of stuff you’ll have to deal with, and relieve you of some stress and goods that you don’t actually need.

Most people have clothes and stuff they don’t use, so getting them to a charity will help you get rid of them, while also helping those in need. There is some stuff you can’t donate to charity, though, so make sure to check a guide on it whenever you can.

If you have trouble deciding which things you don’t need, you should check this guide over here for some help.


The Packing – How to Organize and Pack

Packing when moving

After organizing and categorizing the stuff you know has to pack up, you’ll need something to put things in. A lot of people go for the cheap, more accessible option, which is boxes, and that’s absolutely fine in most situations, but if you have stuff you want to be protected, you should consider investing in some high-quality containers and boxes.

The packing process can be a little exhausting, but good advice is to prepare for it several weeks before the moving so you have time to deal with it on a daily basis without actually exhausting yourself to death. You can take from half an hour to an hour each day to pack some of the stuff you know you should pack, so at the end of the day, you’ll reduce the amount of work during the move.

If you decide to hire a professional company for the move, this step is absolutely important since the more time the staff takes to move stuff to the truck, the more they’ll end up charging you. Packing stuff will speed up the process, thus, save you a lot of money!


Stock Up on Tools and Help

For the packing adventure to go as smoothly as possible, you’ll need to stock up on some gear. Ideally, you should at least have a tape gun at your disposal to make things much easier on you, but some extra equipment comes a long way.

I advise you to get a pair of scissors, a cutter, some markers and of course, the help of a close friend.


Understand Your Needs Before Hiring

If you decide to hire a professional company, a lot of the work during the moving process will be fairly reduced, but to pick the right company and service, you’ll have to understand your needs. Taking pictures of your place can help you a lot when you decide to contact a company, since it’ll be a direct way of showing how much furniture you will be moving, and this will help a lot when it comes to estimating a cost.

With that said, some stuff can give you an approximate even before contacting the company. Things like the size of your house, the amount of furniture, the type of furniture, and how far the new place is, can give you a hint of what you’ll end up spending.


Last Advice

There are many things you can do to improve the quality of your moving process, and you should definitely check them over here, but some advice I can give you is to make sure you are protecting your furniture and appliances during the move.

Cover them with clothes or fabric so you make sure you are avoiding hits or scratches from walls and other furniture while you move stuff like TVs, beds, bookshelves, and chairs, and you can also apply these clothes or fabric to the walls for extra protection.

And, if you want the assembling process to be much smoother, you can color the boxes with different colors based on the rooms. Blue for your room, red for the living room, yellow for the bathroom, and such!

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