Choose Your Style with the 10 Best Window Replacement Brands for 2021

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Experienced realtors understand the importance of windows in a property. It is more than a feature that allows for illumination and ventilation. These professionals understand that a good window can shoot up the value of a property. This is why various window replacement manufacturers and dealers exist. For more information on how windows can influence the value of a property, you can visit:

Choose Your Style with the 10 Best Window Replacement Brands

This article will examine some of the best options for people hoping to replace their windows or install new ones. So, it will be in your best interest to pay keen attention whether you are a real estate agent or an average homeowner hoping to give your home a better look.

10 Best Window Replacement Brands for 2021

The options you will be seeing in this review are long-term players in the industry. Having said that, below is our 10 best window replacement brands for 2021:

Best Window Replacement Brands


This brand is a typical example of a window replacement company that offers the best quality. They have a good reputation that precedes them as they have been in the industry for a while. Some of the window options they offer include – awnings, sliding, bow and bay, casement, single and double-hung.

Another great thing about them is that they offer these options in various materials. So, you get to choose something that suits you. Some of the materials for framing available include – wood, aluminum, and clad. You might want to consider them if you are particular about opting for a brand that is generous with their warranty policy.


Andersen is a great option if industry experience is something you cannot afford to take for granted. This is because they have been involved in the market for well over a century. The great thing is that they have improved their quality and options available to customers in all these years.

Another amazing thing about this company is the extra option they offer. For instance, they have products that are energy-efficient, low-E, amongst others. Additionally, they are also into the production and sales of insect screens, exterior trim, blinds, shades, art glass, and many more.


Ever since they began with the fabrication of aluminum in 1962, Milgard has been known to prioritize quality over quantity. But even at that, they have improved by coming up with affordable products that do not fall short in terms of quality.

One other remarkable thing about Milgard is that they do not venture into the production of windows just to have a long list of options. For instance, they are one of the brands that have fewer options in terms of materials used. However, anything you get from them will likely tick all the boxes.


For us, the major highlight of dealing with this brand is durability. The products offered by Alside are known to stand the test of time. Additionally, they are one of the best options if you are interested in an energy-efficient product.

The major material used by Alside is Vinyl that is offered in various industrial series. For instance, there is the Sheffield Fusion, Sheffield II, UltraMaxx Fusion, and Mezzo Energy-Efficient series.


One of the ways we validate that a window manufacturing brand is up to the task is through awards and relevant accreditation. Simonton is one of the leading names in this regard.

For instance, the Builder Magazine voted this brand as number one in terms of quality product some years ago. This is just one of the awards that prove Simonton understands the market and is all out to offer quality of the highest order.

Some of the ranges they sell include – Verona, DaylightMax, Madeira, ProFinish Brickmould, and StormBreaker Plus.


Atrium readily comes to mind when you think about a brand that is very interested in offering top quality on a sole material. These manufacturers are well known for the quality of their vinyl windows.

But more than just windows, this company is a leading supplier of top-quality vinyl doors in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Weather Shield

One of the remarkable features of this brand is the warranty they offer. For instance, the warranty that comes with the purchase of their windows is around 20 years. This is a whole lot and proves that the products sold by this company are durable.

All the window options come in 5 major product lines. These product lines are – Signature Series, Premium Series, Premium Coastal, Contemporary Collection, and Aspire Series.


Aside from the quality of their windows as well as the frames, we like this company because they are rich in options. Whether you are searching for various styles or materials, Jeld-Wen has an option. The materials used to make the several styles they produce include wood, aluminum, vinyl, and even a combination of wood and vinyl. Furthermore, some of the window styles available include – double and single hung, sliding, bow and bay, casement, garden, fixed, and awning.


Unlike many other brands in the market, the customization of the windows to suit the specific and exact needs of the customers is the major highlight of dealing with CertainTeed. As a result, some of the complications encountered by using mass-produced products are not encountered with products by CertainTeed.


The marketing strategy of this brand is quite peculiar. This is because they do not make sales directly to the clients. This brand operates through a network of contractors and builders. However, the products they offer are not short of the required standard and this is evident in the various product series they have. Some of the series include – Classic, Tribute Energy Star, Slimline, and Provia Storm.


Our resource persons have critically observed the market and come up with our best replacement windows in this review. However, it is important that you know this is still a subjective opinion.

Furthermore, you may see some negative reviews about any of these brands. Usually, the problem is that the incompetence of the installer is taken out on the brand. This is why we strongly advise that you get a professional to properly handle the installation of these windows.

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