Top 4 Reasons You Should Think About Investing in One More Forklift

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Do you really have all the lifts necessary to operate your business? At first glance, it would seem that adding one more would be a waste of time and money. But it’s not; In fact, choosing to add something like a brand new sideloader to your current inventory of forklifts would be a good thing. Here are a few scenarios to ponder and why it’s a good idea.

reasons to buy more forklifts

Top 4 Reasons You Should Think About Investing in One More Forklift

Insurance Against Breakdowns

There’s no doubt that your collection of narrow aisle forklifts in Toronto is sufficient to get by. What happens if one of them needs to be out of commission for routine maintenance or some kind of repair? It will take time for a repair service to send out a loaner and collect your lift for those repairs. In the meantime, you have to figure out how to get everything done with less equipment.

Having one more lift on hand means there is always a backup. If one lift fails for some reason, you have one that can be pressed into service immediately and keep everything on schedule.

More Help Moving Finished Goods and Raw Materials During a Rush

There are times when things are slow and other times when there’s more work to do than you think possible. During those rush periods, you need everything to move along at a faster rate. That includes transporting finished goods away from the production floor and hauling in raw materials as quickly as possible. If you happen to have a sideloader that you can use to pick up, transport, and set down those finished goods or raw materials, making those deadlines will be a little easier.

Additional Help on the Loading Dock

All the goods to fill orders are on hand, but it’s hard to get all the trailers filled so another set can back up to the loading dock. The solution is to fill the trailers faster so the truckers can be on their way while your team works to load the next trailer in line.

This is where one or two extra forklifts in Toronto will come in handy. Instead of concentrating on one trailer at a time, you can have multiple drivers assigned to different trailers. They in turn load orders for each customer faster and allow the drivers to get on the road. By having everything loaded faster, you increase the odds of all those orders reaching their destinations by the promised delivery dates.

Keeping the Warehouse Organized

Warehouses can fall into disarray quickly. That’s especially true when the finished goods inventory is running a little high pending several shipments to customers. You might find that having a sideloader capable of getting flats of finished goods into tight spaces makes it easier to keep things tidy. The improved organization also makes it easier to find what you need to fill those pending orders.

Business owners can always find ways to put additional forklifts in Toronto to good use. Take a look at your operation today and identify one or two functions that one more lift could fill. You may be surprised at how easy it is to justify the cost.

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