How to Setup a Perfect Garage For Your Car: 6 Tips

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A perfect home always comes with a place to store your car. Yet, garages are much more than that, and generally are a man cave for the working dad/husband. When we were little, most memories include our old man repairing something while we were getting out our bicycle ready to hit the road. If you want to create the same memories for your kid, it’s time to buckle up and make your garage with these easy tips.

How to Setup a Perfect Garage For Your Car: 6 Tips

Make a plan

Before starting, you’ll need a blueprint or some kind of plan you’ll follow and hold on to while building the ideal garage. You’ll need to take into consideration the placement, the size, and the design. You’ll also have to make sure the garage will not take up more space than needed and you’ll want to make it wide so at least two cars can park in it. Ideally, hiring an engineer or architect would spare you most of the trouble, yet if you are more of a do-it-yourself kind of guy, you could borrow some plans from the internet or neighbors who already have gone through the trouble.

Think in terms of material

Once you’ve decided where to place it and how big it is going to be, you’ll have to think in terms of the needed material and tools as well. Now, you’ll need nails, drills, a screwdriver, electric saws, and tape. When it comes to material, think of laminated veneer lumber, plywood, concrete, and shingles or tiles for the roof. Then there are other things to consider, for example, glass wool for protection, cables, electric installation, and garage doors. Most of the things you can find at your local handyman store. For example, these garage doors in AZ are known for their durability and long-lasting quality. You can go for electric or manual garage doors, and the best part is the availability of professionals always there to assist you when needed. Also, make sure you buy materials that are of higher quality, if you are already building it on your own, you save a lot of money and can spare the extra cash on some great materials. This isn’t something you do every day; rather you’ll build it now and it stays there practically forever.

Follow the instructions

If you have a blueprint, you’ll know what to do. The catch is to pay attention to the exact order and follow the given instructions as a means to avoid any mistakes. If you are having a hard time reading the blueprint and plan, hiring someone to do the job for you might be a better way to go. Also, look up additional information on reliable websites as the internet is flooded with so many facts and figures, unfortunately not everything is proofread and should be taken for granted.

Start from the foundation

You start from the foundation. You’ll want to dig trenches firstly, filled with metal frameworks and concrete. This is also known as a footer and is the most important part of any foundation. Next, you’ll need to erect concrete or wooden pillars, as they are the ones carrying the roof’s weight and making sure the structure is solid.

Make space for the driveway or if you do not have it, this would be the perfect time to dig one. While you’re already pouring the concrete for the garage, dig a hole and some footers for the driveway as well as it will spare your time later on.

Erect the walls

Now, consider hiring a carpenter to make the wooden construction for the walls from plywood. You should make sure to leave holes for the windows reinforced with steel frames. Erect wooden or concrete pillars, at the beginning of the garage, to carry some of the weight of the roof. This can prove handy later on if you ever decide to build an additional room just above it.

Once you have the basic construction and the walls placed, the interior should be from drywalls. And do not forget the glass wool between the plywood and drywall, as it gives additional heat and also protects your garage in the case of a fire. Smooth the surface with some sandpaper and do a proper paint job later on once the glue is dry.

Erect the walls

Electrics and windows

Beneath the glass wool, place the cables for the electric installation, and connect it to the rest of the house. You’ll need the light obviously, and make sure to have a couple of plugs for tools and other necessities. Furthermore, put the windows and reinforce them with some foam. Later goes the garage doors, at the very end, for this part of the job you might want to hire a professional, the same ones from which you bought the doors, as this is a bit complicated and it is never a one man’s job. To be honest, it is worth considering hiring an electrician for the installation as well, not for placing it but rather for connecting it to the console. Once you finish all of the above-mentioned, admire your work and take a deep breath.

It is a tremendous amount of work and patience, so be prepared for what is to come. There is no shame in paying someone to do it for you if you cannot find the time or effort to do it yourself.

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