How to Lower your Energy Bill in Smart Way

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With a high rating among the top quality energy companies of today, our company offers you the most quality service options at the most reasonable cost. We also provide customers with top-rated home services, user-friendly account management tools and a variety of special offers for additional savings. As a leading energy provider across North America, we are focused strongly on ensuring ultimate quality customer services. We also supply our account holders with the latest effective tips and techniques for maintaining a smarter, safer home or office with greater energy conservation and efficiency.

How to Lower your Energy Bill

At Direct Energy, we are constantly devising new ways to improve energy performance for our more than four million residential and business customers today. Always competing to acquire and retain our valued clientele, we simplify our customers’ busy lives with easy methods of tracking, understanding and controlling their energy usage.

We supply the data and insights needed by our account holders to make the ideal energy service choices for greater energy savings. We interact with our customers on an ongoing basis to enable them to reduce their energy consumption while enjoying superior usage benefits and saving money.

Innovative Plans for Greatest Energy Use Benefits and Cost Savings

Our innovative, customer-oriented plans for enjoying the greatest energy usage options and benefits as well as attractive cost savings include the following:

One-Year Plan: Simple One Plan Dual Fuel with Maintenance. With this plan, you can secure your electricity and gas usage rates for 12 months while enjoying the benefit of One-Time Free Furnace Maintenance.

Three-Year Plan: Simple Renewable Dual Fuel with Maintenance. When you select this plan, you will gain the advantages of fixed-rate energy supported by renewable energy certificates as well as a One-Time Free Furnace Maintenance service.

By choosing this plan, you will be supporting the valuable cause of renewable energy.

Five-Year Plan: Smart and Secure Plan with Maintenance. This plan assures you as the customer of fixed rates for 60 months plus One Time Free Furnace Maintenance and a Hive View camera. As you may have guessed, this it the most popular customer plan of all.

Tips and Techniques for Enjoying Greater Energy Usage Benefits, Efficiency and Cost Savings

Efficient use of energy requires more than cutting back on your energy use. To become more energy-efficient in your home or at the office, you need to be more concerned about how energy is used, how it is wasted and how to use it more effectively each day. The following are some useful tips and techniques from a leading Calgary energy company for becoming more energy efficient in your daily life:

1. Stove-top: When cooking foods on a gas stove, ensure that the flame is high enough to heat only the bottoms of pots and pans. Heating the sides of cooking vessels wastes energy, and high flames can be dangerous. Also, ensure that lids for pots and pans fit securely while cooking to help foods cook more evenly and quickly.

2. Oven: Refrain from pre-heating your oven unless you are baking breads or pastries. In general, this extra use of gas is not necessary for preparing foods in the oven. Also, try using your smaller appliances like toaster ovens or microwaves for re-heating food as an energy saving technique.

3. Oven: Turn your oven off two or three minutes ahead of the end of baking or roasting time. Your oven will retain its heat and foods will continue cooking while you save energy.

4. Freezer: Most chest freezers are more energy-efficient than upright designs. The reason for this is that opening the door on a chest freezer allows less loss of cold air than opening the door of an upright model. Also, if you do not really need a deep freezer, just use your refrigerator freezing compartment.

5. Dishwasher: Clean the filter located at the bottom of your dishwasher frequently to ensure greater energy efficiency when washing dishes.

6. Washing Machine: When washing a load of laundry that is extra-dirty, use the machine’s pre-soak cycle rather than washing laundry twice. Also, research has shown that clothes and linens rinsed in cold water are just as clean as those washed with a warm water rinse. Using the cold water rinse option will save on your water-heating expenses. You can gain additional cost savings by washing laundry in warm water rather than hot.

7. Clothes Dryer: Only dry full loads of laundry, and dry several loads in succession when you can. By doing this, you can make use of the built-up heat already available in the dryer. It is also very helpful to purchase a dryer that operates with a sensor for auto-turn-off as soon as laundry finishes drying.

8. Shower-heads and Faucets: In your bathroom, take time to install low-flow shower-heads and repair leaking faucets.

9. Battery Chargers: Battery chargers used for recharging smartphones, laptops, tablets and digital cameras draw on power supplies when they are plugged in, even if they are not connected to devices for recharging. Take time to unplug your chargers to avoid wasting energy.

10. Computers: If you start-up and shut-down your computer each time you use it, this will not require any extra energy usage and will not cause wear-and-tear to your computer. When you shut-down your computer after use, this will actually reduce wear while conserving energy. If your desktop computer must be left on, be sure to turn-off the monitor since your monitor uses over one-half of the system’s energy.

11. Air Conditioners: Refrain from placing TV sets or lamps near your air conditioner’s thermostat. Because the thermostat senses heat levels in the room, this will cause your conditioner to run longer than necessary, at a higher rate of cooling.

12. Power Bars: Use power bars for your home office or entertainment center, and be sure to turn the power bar off when electronic items are not in use to save energy.

13. Office Equipment: At work, remember to practice energy efficiency as well. Set all of your office equipment on the energy saving mode so that these devices can “sleep” until needed. Use smart power strips for office equipment. These smart strips have sensors that can detect the presence of people in a room and will turn-off equipment when it is not needed for use.

Avoid use of the largest sizes in computer monitors since more moderate sizes require use of less energy.

14. Office Lighting: Install smart lighting systems in offices whenever possible. Smart office lighting systems also operate with this auto-on-and-off technology for conserving energy.

By consulting our energy supply experts, you will receive excellent comprehensive advice and information concerning the ideal energy plan for use in your home or office for top quality energy supplies plus optimal levels of energy conservation and cost-savings.


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