How to Handle Fireplaces the Proper Way

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There are lots of heat generation options you can use during winter and every other cold season. However, we like to think fireplaces are one of the best options.

How to Handle Fireplaces the Proper Way

For one, they add to the aesthetic appeal of a space. Furthermore, this option is a lot more cost-effective than maintaining a furnace, as well as many other options. There are just so many other reasons why having a fully functional fireplace should cross your mind.

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Despite the many advantages associated with this option, there is the proper way to go about maintenance. This is so that you have yourself a safe and well-functioning fireplace.

We will discuss some of these proper maintenance measures you are to take in this article. So, keep reading as we share these tips.

Tips on How to Properly Maintain a Fireplace

Regardless of the kind of fireplace you have up and running in your space, listed and explained below are some tips on how to properly maintain the heat providing installation:

Do Not Joke with Periodic Inspection

How to Handle Fireplaces in Living Room

This part of the house is very important and should be treated as such. When winter and every other cold season bring the odds, the fireplace ensures that you stay warm and healthy.

However, you have to make it a point of duty to arrange for periodic inspection. For the record, you do not have to notice anything wrong to do this.

You should call upon a professional from time to time to run checks. Any possible issue can be detected on time and resolved this way. We strongly recommend that you get professionals to check the fireplace twice a year.

Be Very Observant

Fireplaces are generally safe. This is especially with newer and better innovations in the form of electric and gas options.

However, you still cannot throw caution to the wind if you have any kind of this heat-generating source.

For instance, you should run checks and ensure that there are no damages or cracks (if you use something that uses brick, glass, and wood). For more information on this subject and more, you can click here.

Generally, every part of this installation has to be checked. Furthermore, you should not leave out the chimney from your inspection. For instance, ensure that the chimney cap is intact.

Do Not Allow Ashes to Pile Up

The maximum you should go without taking out the ashes is one week. It is not ideal to allow the ashes to stay much longer than this as it is not an ideal way to maintain your fireplace.

Moreover, such habits are not good for your health. The excessive accumulation of ash inside this heat-producing source will generate warmth that is bad for your health. However, make sure the ashes are cool before you take them out. This is equally for your safety.

Invest in Glasses that Are Heatproof

There are two things you would achieve by using glass that is heatproof at the very least. First, you would improve the looks of your fireplace. So, you should consider doing this if the stylish look of your space is important to you.

Asides from the aesthetic appeal, this use of heatproof glass will make the installation safer. Additionally, it is an energy-efficient approach for this heat-generating source. This is why using a fireplace seems a lot better than a furnace and even heaters.

Keep Flammable Items at a Safe Distance

You have to be careful about what you keep around this heat source. This is so that you avoid a fire outbreak.

Items such as your carpet, furniture, electronics, and many other things should be positioned at a safe distance.

We have noticed the stylish trend of having the Television situated right above the fireplace. You should avoid this sort of interior arrangement even though it looks stylish.

Additionally, if you use a wood fireplace, it is best to keep any wood that is not being used outdoors.


In this article, we have discussed general safe practices if you have a fireplace. However, you should understand that many of the tips shared here are general. So, you still need to understand the safety measures required for your special kind of fireplace.

We do hope that the information shared here will be useful as you adhere to them. Cheers to all the great warmth we can get!


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