DIY Fixing and Repairing Your Monroe MI Air Duct and Cooling Units

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DIY AC repair is a popular option among many homeowners who either can’t afford or don’t want to hire a certified HVAC specialist. Though this endeavor might save you some time and money, there are just as many reasons not to try this DIY project and leaving it in the hands of the pros rather than tackling it yourself. You can check serving Monroe MI and be without worry.

Air Duct and Cooling Units Fixing and Cleaning Service - How to Hire

But, if you would take the time to learn simple tasks involved in DIY repairs, like changing filters and cleaning motors, you won’t need to call a professional at all in the future. Many people don’t realize the potential hazards when doing a DIY installation or simple maintenance, but with the right tools, the job can be completed safely.

Ductwork Cleaning

Dust and dirt deposits inside the ductwork are normal and should not discourage you. You shouldn’t neglect this fact, and you should have a professional ductwork inspection at least once a year to make sure it’s working correctly. Also you can buy 10″ duct fan for a low maintenance and cleaner Duct.

The essence of any AC system maintenance is regular cleaning. That’s something you can easily do on your own, as it doesn’t require specialized equipment. The more concentrated the dust is, the easier and faster you can clean the channels.

You need rags, brushes, and a vacuum cleaner to remove any debris inside the duct system. Spray the inside of the system with a degreaser to soften stubborn dirt deposits. Use an air compressor if you have it, as it can be handy in unclogging the ducts. Clean all dirt, dust, hair, and other trash accumulated inside the system.

Once you have done this, you should use a clean rag to wipe down the interior surface of the air duct. After that, spray disinfection agent to ensure the system is clean of microbes. It’s one of the most important steps of DIY air duct cleaning. If there is any dirt in air ducts, it can cause a buildup of allergens and pathogens, which can cause some serious illnesses.

Washing Filters

By cleaning or replacing the filter regularly, you can prevent many problems with the ductwork and the entire AC system. If your filter is dirty, it will cause a lack of airflow. This can lead to reduced cooling efficiency. If the filter is clogged, it can even cause your system to freeze.

Before you clean the filters of the air filter, turn the volume up to its highest setting. Then blow gently through the filter removing all of the dust and dirt. Next, wash the blower wheel. Remove it from the engine and wash it under the water. Let it dry on the air, and it’s ready for getting back.

On the following page, find simple tips on filter replacement:

Fix Duct Holes

If you need to repair some of the holes in your air ducts, it is probably best if you get the services of professionals. But if you have to wait for them, it can be quite frustrating and time-consuming. You don’t want to wait until it gets worse, as this task is not rocket science.

With the proper materials and the right knowledge, you can successfully repair air duct leaks. They usually indicate holey channels. These problems can be easily solved with any heat-approved tape if it comes to metal ducts. First, clean the leaky spot, and check the size. Simply bandage the leaking area and use some sealant if it’s a small leak. For larger holes, patch them with sheet metal, as explained here.

Flex ducts can tear quickly, and that can greatly diminish HVAC efficiency. The solution to such problems is duct tape, which you need to apply to each side of the rip, working out from the center. Apply mash over it, and then a new layer of duct mastic. This will speed up the drying of the mesh and prevent it from cracking.

Perhaps the biggest reason to leave the job in the hands of professionals is safety. With DIY AC repair, you could potentially be risking everything you have, which isn’t something to take lightly, given all of the things that can go wrong. But some minor bugs and repairs that you can handle on your own, with some knowledge and the right tool.


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