How to Find a Low-Cost Water Filter for Your Office

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Over the course of a lifetime, the average person will spend thousands of hours at their workplace. This alone is enough reason to establish high health standards in offices. According to the CDC, 7% of adults do not drink any water in the workplace, 36% drink 1-3 cups, and 35% only drink 4-7 cups. Ideally, people are recommended to drink 12 to 14 cups.

How to Find a Low-Cost Water Filter for Your Office

Many people don’t drink water in their offices because there’s no access to safe drinking water. Installing a water filter in the office can help solve this problem.

Access to quality drinking water at work can positively impact organization and improve productivity. Still, there are no water filters in most offices with the goal of saving costs.  However, as you are about to learn, there are many low-cost water filters ideal for office use that can improve water quality by a great bit.

What Influences the Cost of a Water Filter 

Water filters will cost anywhere from a couple of bucks to thousands of dollars, depending on the type. Some water filters demand expert installation and maintenance. That shouldn’t discourage you from getting a water filter in your office. Because most office water filters do not require complex installation, and they’re also relatively cheap to service.

Well-known water filter brands tend to charge more for their products, so if you’re on a tight budget, you’d have to look at less popular options.

Low-cost Water Filters You Can Use in Your Office 

A low-cost water filter is not hard to find – you only need to know where to look.  Here are two types of low-cost water filters you can use in your office.

Water Pitcher Filters

You can quickly improve your office tap water using a water pitcher filter. Water pitchers are very easy to use. There’s no complicated installation required, and anyone in the office can have access to it. All you need to do is fill the water pitcher with tap water and place it in the refrigerator. In no time, the pitcher will be ready with filtered water.

Water filter pitchers have two main functions:

  1. They filter out impurities.
  2. And add minerals to water.

Water pitcher filters are a portable, non-permanent water purification option that can be conveniently used in the workplace. They come in various sizes, and some filter water with activated charcoal. The price of these pitchers ranges from $15 to $70, and the best part is they don’t come with any installation cost. However, you’ll need to spend a total of $20 to $150 per year on maintaining a pitcher.

Countertop Water Filters

Countertop water filters are also known as tabletop water dispensers. They’re adaptable systems that can be fitted as bottled or bottleless dispensers, depending on your preferences. The selling point of countertop water filters is their small size. If you are unable to install a larger filtration system in your office due to space constraints, you can opt for a countertop water filter. They don’t take a lot of space; all you need to do is place them on a counter.

Countertop water filters are often placed next to the sink. They remove impurities from tap water like sediments and chemicals. They are popular because they are affordable, portable, quick to install and don’t take up a lot of space. Aside from having cold and hot water dispensers, they also have ice and sparkling water dispensers.

The cost of a countertop water filter ranges from $50 to $150, and like water pitchers, they don’t come with any additional installation cost. But you’ll need $20 to $200 for maintenance every year.

Further Reading

You can find more information on these low-cost water filters at Water Masterz. Countertop water filters and water filter pitchers are excellent choices for your office if you’re on a budget. They are practical and compact, assuring a suitable fit in your employee’s break room.

There’s no need to worry about your employees not getting clean drinking water when you have these water filters. But to control traffic flow through the break room, water dispensers can be put any place in a room with a waterline connection. If you have a lot of employees, consider getting more than one.

For maintenance, you can contact technicians to perform regular unit servicing, including filter changes and hygiene checks, to ensure that your water filter produces the finest quality water.

Other water filters include reverse osmosis, under sink, and whole house filtration systems. But overall, the most economical ones you can use in your office are countertop and water pitcher filters.

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