6 Fun Ways to Personalize your Fashion Accessories

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If you want to create an eye-catching and fun look, the easiest way to achieve it is by adding some special personal touches to your accessories. The great news is that there are so many easy options. Everything you’ll need you either already have at home, or you can purchase online at a very low cost. Here are just a few of our favorite ideas to get you started.

Fun Ways to Personalize your Fashion Accessories

Shine bright

Let’s begin by thinking about how to add some evening sparkle to a plain bag, shoes, or a simple black outfit. With a little bit of glue and some Swarovski crystals, it’s done in no time at all. To achieve a random pattern, lie the garment flat and scatter the crystals over it. Then, pick up each crystal, add a drop of glue, and replace it exactly where you found it. The more you add, the more you’ll shimmer!

Button up

Who doesn’t have a collection of odd buttons stashed in a drawer somewhere, waiting for the day you’ll find a use for them? Well, here’s your opportunity! Pick out the most stunning and make quirky rings with them. Using two or three different sizes, will create a coordinating and super-interesting look in next to no time.

Sticky Situations

Looking for a way to personalize your mobile, water bottle, or laptop? Aesthetic stickers are a cost-effective way to give your items a look that is all your own. There are literally thousands of designs to choose from – whether you want an inspirational message, an image of nature, or something totally fun they’re available in all colors and shapes. This season we’re seeing lots of optimistic quotes, with rainbows as the most popular theme. What’s more, when you’re ready for a change, just peel them off and replace them with whatever suits your mood!

Funky flip-flops

Flip flops may not immediately spring to mind when you think of personalizing your accessories, but yes, it can be done. Using your favorite photos or a unique design you’ve created yourself, printerstudio.com will make them in whatever size you need. As summer approaches, they also make unforgettable gifts for your friends.

Cheap frills

If you’re tired of plain bags and boring shirts, make them bang on trend by adding some ultra-chic fringes.   The technique is simple and fringes are so versatile: short, long, contrasting, or neutral, the options are endless.

Keyboard skins

As we carry our laptops wherever we go, why not create a buzz every time you open yours? Keyboard skins don’t just help to protect the keys themselves, they’re also available in a huge range of striking colors so can become a truly personal accessory. Why not purchase a few, and change them to coordinate with your outfits. Alternatively, go for a rainbow option which will go with anything. Whatever look you go for, you’ll definitely earn kudos for paying this level of attention to your accessorizing!

There are so many ways that, with a little creativity and effort, you can stand out from the crowd. So experiment, express yourself, dare to be different, and most of all have fun!

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