5 Emergency Plumbing Issues that Need Immediate Attention

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While some issues in your plumbing system can wait for a while, others are downright urgent that need immediate attention. Each situation is different, but generally speaking, any plumbing issue that can cause severe damage to your property or endangers the inhabitants should be treated as an emergency.

Emergency Plumbing Issues that Need Immediate Attention

Here are 5 emergency plumbing issues for which you must search for a plumber near me and seek their help right away.

  1. Blocked Toilet

Toilet blockage is a common problem that every homeowner must have encountered at some time or the other. Many people think that they can quickly unclog a toilet using a plunger or by pouring a bucketful of hot water into the drain. However, these steps may be sufficient to tackle a minor clog; a wholly blocked toilet may need some serious treatment.

You may try plunging, but stop right there and call a plumber if that doesn’t work. Forcefully trying to fix it without the right knowledge and equipment will end up overflowing the bathroom with sewage. Call a plumber and let them take a look at the situation. With their expertise and experience, they can quickly figure out the cause of the problem and fix it on time.

  1. Leakage in the Water Heater

If there is a leakage in your water heater and you do not get it fixed for long, then the warm water leaking on your walls may cause mould formation in your bathroom. Mould is not only harmful to your family members’ health and hygiene, but also takes a toll on your house’s structural integrity. Some mould varieties, particularly black mould, can even be lethal.

So, as soon as you notice leakage in your water heater, close it off and unplug it from the circuit breaker if it is electric. If your heater is a gas-operated one, turn its supply off and immediately call in a plumber to check your heater and do the necessary repairs.

  1. Frozen Pipes

Living in an area that receives snowy or freezing winters? You already know what it might mean for your plumbing pipes. Even before the winters start, call in a plumber to inspect your pipes and fix any damages or leaks. Failure to do that can spell trouble for your plumbing system when the weather gets cold.

Any loose fittings and punctured pipes may cause them to come loose and leave gaps. The cold air of winters may freeze them over. Frozen pipes become stiff and delicate, and you should never try to fix them on your own. You may end up damaging the pipe and ruining the entire pipeline. So, it’s better to call a professional and get the frozen pipe back to work again.

  1. Excessively Hot Water

Everyone loves taking a shower in warm water or immersing themselves in a hot water tub during winters. But what if the water temperature is so high that you start feeling burnt. If you receive very steamy water without asking for it, your water heater is probably the culprit. You may call in a professional to have your heater inspected. Meanwhile, turn off the heater and close all the hot water faucets around your house.

A water heater has a thermostat responsible for turning the heater off as soon as it reaches the desired temperature. If your thermostat is faulty, the heater keeps heating the water. If left unattended, the water may become too hot that the heater may burst and cause severe water or electric damage.

  1. Unbearable Smells

If you use a gas water heater and your bathroom is filled with the smell of gas, then the problem is probably a gas leak. But if your pipes and faucets are throwing water that smells like sewer, then the problem may be with your septic system or sump pump. Such smells in your plumbing system indicate that sewage water is getting mixed with your water supply due to insufficient filtration and purification.

Whether the cause of smells is gas leakage or a flawed sewage system, you must get alarmed immediately and get it fixed. Call in a plumber who will examine your house’s plumbing system, septic system, sump pump, and water heater, find the exact cause of the problem, and fix it with expertise.

These are the 5 plumbing issues that need immediate attention from a professional expert. Never try to fix such emergencies on your own, as the problem may be severe, and you may only end up in extensive and elaborate repairs. Find a reputed plumber near me and have their contact number saved on your mobile phone. Quickly call them in times of emergencies and have the issue fixed before it gets too late.

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