Amazon Echo Show in bedroom

The Amazon Echo Show: “See” What All the Buzz is About

Ladies and gentlemen take your seats, the “show” is about to begin. Yes, it seems those rumors about Amazon creating a touchscreen Alexa are true; the Amazon Show is now available for pre-order, moving Alexa one step closer to becoming a modern-day Rosie from the Jetsons.
Featuring a 7” touchscreen and built-in camera, the Show can play videos, news clips, and more and comes with some new features and apps too, all of which we’ll review for you- right here, right now!

The Amazon Echo Show: The Future is Now

Amazon Echo Show Review
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The Amazon Show is truly a sight to behold. Building on the success and the efficiency of the Amazon Echo and virtual assistant Alexa, it can do just about anything you can think of, from playing your favorite move or showing a YouTube tutorial to making a call (more on that in a few). Just like the Echo and the Dot, it can stream music, make shopping lists, or even tell you a joke; Unlike the Echo, it can show you the things you need to see and be controlled by voice or touch, which is what makes it revolutionary.

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