Bachelor Pad Essentials: 5 Things Your New Home Needs

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If you’re planning on finally leaving home and starting a new chapter in your life, you may be a bit overwhelmed with where to start. Home decor and furnishing retailers showcase a nearly endless list of home things, and most of them you will probably never need.

Bachelor Pad Essentials -5 Things Your New Home Needs

However, there are a few unthought-of essentials that you may not consider when moving out of the house for the first time. While there’s no doubt you’ve already considered pots and pans and curtains, these five unthought-of essentials will prove absolute necessities.

Home Security

Even if you will be renting a fair-sized studio apartment with one entrance door, home security is essential for everyone. As a bachelor, you may not require a full system, although you should incorporate the most crucial security system components. Therefore, security cameras and sensors are essentials. It would be best if you also considered understanding alarm systems better by delving into a bit of research to decide which security system is best for you.


A Quality Kitchen Knife Set

A quality kitchen knife set can make a massive difference in your meal preparation. You don’t have to spend a fortune as a set of 3-5 knives is perfectly suitable for bachelor living. Once you have purchased a good set of knives, you should invest in a stone sharpener and keep up knife maintenance to ensure your knife set lasts a lifetime as it should.


Power Outage Devices

There’s no real knowing when a power outage will strike, and it’s always best to be prepared. As a bachelor, future power outages may not be your foremost concern. However, prepping for the unpredictable can be done with a smartphone power bank, a portable generator, a few solar charged lights, and a small gas cooker.


An Extra Set Of Bedding, Or Two

If your mom was previously managing all your laundry needs, you might be somewhat surprised at how time-consuming and monotonous the chore genuinely is. Although, you will also realize that having more than one set of bedding is undeniably essential. So, investing in another set or two of pillowcases, duvet covers, and sheets is a great idea. If you are prepared to invest a little extra in your sleep quality, you should also consider a quality set of black-out curtains for your bedroom.


Extra Kitchen Things

Most bachelors only buy one of them for mugs, cups, plates, bowls, and cutlery. While this is understandable, it is best to get a few extra. You can purchase a twelve-piece dinner set for relatively cheap if you know where to look, and the additional spend will be worth it when you have guests over for dinner or a few drinks. It would be best if you also were sure to purchase at least four drinking glasses and four coffee mugs. Even if you won’t be having guests over often, having extra kitchen things also means you won’t have to wash up three times a day.

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