Why Use Top Reveal?

Do you have a lot of time to waste? Probably not. That is why you can count on us to be your right-hand when it comes to your home and everything in it.
We are passionate about all things home-related! When we find something to get excited about, we can’t wait to get the information to you, too.

Recipes and Kitchen Gadgets

Disentangling and restacking all the small kitchen appliances has become somewhat of a hobby for many people. It can be quite a puzzle just getting them all in the cupboard because there are so many gadgets to do everything imaginable in the kitchen.

However, some of them just take up space and then you feel too guilty to get rid of them. We have thorough product guides and rankings that help you make the best choices and not waste your valuable storage space and money. Not only that, the right tool for the job can make all the difference in the kitchen.

Home Appliances

Who needs a moat? Another area of specialty is Smart Home devices and other gadgetry around your castle. These items can help keep your home more secure, automate daily functions, and free you up to do whatever you’d rather be doing. Not only that, but technology has revolutionized the home in ways that make even the smartest person feel a bit overwhelmed. Let us simplify the process for you with our best home product reviews.

How Do We Do? (3 R's)


We do in-depth market research on Top Rated Products.


We rank items in relevant categories and provide how-tos as well as pros and cons.


We recommend only the best based upon real user feedback and other factors that matter to you.

DIY Projects and Power Tools

DIY is one way to individualize your home and also to save tons of dough. It is also a way to kick your world up a notch. If you are like us, we have seen things on television or in movies that we imagine a professional designer put together. Believe it or not, many times the polished looks you see are due to tricks and tips all designers employ. We will give you the inside scoop! We provide step-by-step how-tos that make you into a pro yourself. Some recent DIY projects include:

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