Why You Should Never Install Your Own Siding

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Why You Should Never Install Your Own Siding
Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects are great to some extent, but installing your sidings can be detrimental. One primary reason for DIY siding installation is to save money. But some individuals are neither prepared nor have the proper knowledge of how it works. While it’s not a difficult job to do, there are things that an untrained person could miss. The following are more reasons why it’s better to call a professional to do this job.

1. Professionals Have Proper Training

Training and knowledge are crucial when handling siding installation Fairfax. It’s not complicated, but manufacturers create sidings requiring specific techniques. Professionals would know about these techniques and the proper steps to install a particular type of siding. Damaging the home or causing a voided warranty is likely when skipping steps in the process happens.

Professional installers also know how to troubleshoot what they will find behind the old sidings of your home. That’s why it’s worth paying for their expertise.

2. You Might Not Have The Tools For The Installation

If you’re a beginner to DIY, you will find yourself scrambling for handheld and power tools. You need the right equipment to install the sidings properly. You will need tools for cutting, fitting, and installing them. You’re not only going to need a hammer, level, chalk line, and a utility knife. You will also need a nail hole slot punch and snap lock punch.

As you can see, siding installation will require unique tools and accessories you may be unfamiliar with. You might come across these things daily if you’re not in the construction field. Professional installers would know immediately what to use for a particular type of siding. They will have the right tools and knowledge on how to use every one of them.

3. Completing The Job Promptly

Personal and professional life can already make things hectic for you. Between your family life and your career, do you have time to do the siding installation before the season changes? You need to work during business days and spend time with your kids if you’re a parent. A full-scale project like siding installation takes time, depending on how much replacement your home exterior needs.

You don’t want to be doing a DIY project in the middle of winter or summer. When you seek professional assistance, the project will be completed in time, and you don’t have to change your already-packed schedule. If you have a lot on your plate, it’s better to call for services instead of installing it yourself.

Completing The Job Promptly

4. Professionals Carry Better Warranties

Those into DIY are entitled to a manufacturer warranty if the sidings have defects. The question at this point would be if you can handle the responsibility of correcting your own mistakes if there are errors in the installation you made. Mistakes could cost you even more when you finally need to call for professional installation to fix your mistakes.

To avoid this mistake, you should enlist the help of professional contractors from the beginning. They carry workmanship warranties apart from the manufacturer warranties. Contractor warranties can last up to two years at best. If you can, ask your contractor if they also carry liability insurance. It’s also required from companies so they can operate their business legally.

5. You Might Install New Siding Over The Old One

To do a DIY siding installation, you need to be prepared to commit to it. Removing the old siding already takes a lot of work, and you might be tempted to apply the new siding over the old, which is a recipe for disaster. And believe it or not, some companies will tell you that you don’t need to tear down the old siding to get you to work with them.

Manufacturers will advise not to place the new siding over the old one, especially if it’s engineered wood or fiber cement, since that could cancel the warranty. Professional contractors would know that old siding could mean damages underneath. If a damaged frame is left untouched, it could mean disastrous results in the future because nobody saw it. That happens when people choose to skip removing the old siding.

6.The Professionals Will Do The Paperwork

You will need to attend to the paperwork if your schedule permits it. This includes building permits and ensuring that you comply with the building codes. That could also take precious time away from you; if you’re unfamiliar with them, you’ll be running around in circles.

When you work with contractors, you get the assurance that they will do the paperwork for you. The license they have assures that they will comply with the codes and do all the necessary legwork for you in time.

In Conclusion

Professional services offer various benefits when you work with them. It saves you time and effort, and you’re ensured that you get quality work because experts installed the new sidings for you. Plus, you won’t have to suffer the consequences such as damage to your home. Keep in mind to work with reputable professionals who will commit to the job to keep your home safe.

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