4 Ways to Have the Garage of Your Dreams

You might be dreaming of a garage that is the envy of every one of your neighbors. However, this dream won’t come true overnight and it’s going to take some hard work and dedication. The first step is to decide what kind of space you want your garage to be: do you need it for storage, or would you like it as a workshop? Do you want it for recreational purposes, or does your home have no backyard? Once you’ve decided what kind of space you’re looking for, here are four ways to make your garage dreams a reality!

4 Ways to Have the Garage of Your Dreams

1. Storage Units

Whether you’re a master gardener, a budding mechanic, or a collector of vintage cars, your garage is going to need storage units. If you have the space for them, go big and have two sets of storage units: one for things that are in rotation and items that should be locked up and out of sight. It’s best if you put some workbenches with embedded storage. These benches will evenly distribute weight, will last much longer, and are the perfect place to store tools. If you don’t have room for two sets of storage units, get creative by maximizing your space with movable storage units that can easily switch from wall to wall depending on whether they’re being used. To avoid squabbling over who gets to use what unit when, color code each set of storage units so everyone knows which belongs to them!

2. Finished Walls

4 Ways to Have the Garage of Your Dreams

Before putting any money into building materials such as concrete and drywall, focus on finishing the walls of your garage in a way that reflects your personality. Garage renovations can be pricey and you don’t want to put in too much too soon; you might realize once it’s all said and done that you wanted something completely different. Instead, take inspiration from how other homeowners complete their garages! You can make an inexpensive hallway out of popsicle sticks if this idea tickles your fancy, or build a vintage-style shelving unit using old tires as bookends if that’s what gets you excited!

Even something as simple as bringing down the ladder will show everyone who uses the garage that this space belongs to them now. A great wall idea for your garage would be to create a gallery wall filled with family photos, ticket stubs to all of your favorite concerts in the past decade, and souvenirs from your travels. This way, when you walk into your garage, you’ll be reminded of where you’ve been and who is waiting for you when you get home! Your walls can also be decorated with racks of equipment if you’re one of those people who like their garage to be an entire workstation. So, customize it as much as you can!

3. Home Gym

Nothing screams “I’m settled” like having enough room in your garage to practice yoga or lift weights. If these activities are not part of your lifestyle yet, consider hiring a trainer two times per week to encourage yourself to stay on track. You can also invite friends over for barbecues by building an outdoor kitchen; choose countertop materials that won’t burn easily even if they’re used frequently (like granite). For a less permanent solution, you can place a grill on top of an old filing cabinet! If a home gym isn’t your style, simply paint the walls in a bright color and install some track lighting so you have brighter days to look forward to when winter rolls around.

4. Work Station

If you’re the go-getter type of person, your garage is probably not filled with boxes waiting to be unpacked. If this is the case, invest some time into creating a workstation that will make your home look more professionally decorated. You can use an unfinished bookshelf as a desk and paint it with paint with which you’ll get a matte finish that looks like it costs 5 times that much!

Add extra storage by purchasing two hanging spice racks and placing them next to each other on top of the shelf. Hang them using picture wire and add labels so nothing gets lost when you need it! All of these ideas are great, but there’s no need to feel limited! Once you’ve painted the walls, build a workstation, and have some storage units in your garage, sit down for a moment and think about what’s missing.

Work Station

If you want to add more character to your garage, ask yourself “What do I need to create memories?” Next weekend, use an old piece of furniture or repurpose something that will give your guests plenty of places to put their drinks while they chat with you. While it might be difficult at first to start making changes to your garage space immediately after moving in, by following these tips you’ll be able to design the garage of your dreams before you can shout “DIY!”

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