6 Signs You Need to Have Your Whole Home Rewired

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6 Signs You Need to Have Your Whole Home Rewired

While a lot goes into making a property a home – from interior design, adding personal touches, and creating memories – making sure that the electrical installations are safe is no small part. This is something a lot of people neglect or don’t think about when it comes to their home, but with a little thought and a bit of research, you can easily avoid any dangerous situations. That being said, there are 6 signs that your entire home needs to be rewired to keep in mind.

1. Flickering Lights Inside & Out

A flickering light bulb could be a sign of a faulty connection to the power line, which means you need to have your entire house rewired. Of course, you should try changing your lightbulb first, but if that doesn’t help, then you definitely need to get in touch with an electrician. As the experts at https://repairs.sg point out – you need a reliable electrician to work on your home, even if it’s just a single socket that needs changing. This is even more true when it comes to bigger projects in your home.
If there are any faulty connections, loose wiring, or if you need an entirely new electrical setup, then you should definitely opt for rewiring. What this entails is to completely replace all the electrical installations in your home with new ones. This is to ensure that you are not only adding safety but also adding convenience, as any modifications made will result in more efficient power use.

2. Your Electrical Switches are Warm

This is a sign that your electrical switch is not properly grounded – another issue that can be resolved by having the entire house rewired. You should never have switches or outlets that feel warm, as this means that the electricity is not flowing as it should. If there’s a problem or an inadequate grounding, then you might find your lights and appliances beginning to flicker more and more often. If you’re unsure if this is an issue in your home, simply touch the wall above your power socket.
Most wires are installed vertically and in the same orientation, if the wall is warm there then you should have your house rewired by an electrician. If you’ve tried changing switches and it still feels warm, then this could mean that there isn’t enough insulation or protection and so your entire system needs to be replaced.

3. Your Fuses Keep Blowing

It might not immediately seem like something that needs serious attention, but having a blown fuse can result in more than just inconvenience. Sometimes a fuse can blow when there’s an overload in the circuit, which means that the wiring is faulty and requires electrician repair or replacement. Another reason why fuses can blow is due to your appliances drawing too much power.
If everything worked fine before you introduced a new device into your home, ask your electrician what you can do to avoid future issues. However, a house that has proper wiring will have a fuse that has a higher amperage than the appliances you use.

4. Your Lights Dim When You Turn On Appliances

While more subtle than lights outright flickering, this is still a sign that electrical repairs and rewiring needs to be done. Sometimes appliances draw more power than they should, which can result in your lights dimming when you turn them on. If everyone else’s light dims as well then it might not be caused by an overload, and this often occurs because of faulty wiring or your fuse managing to keep up with the faulty wiring.
As mentioned above, sometimes appliances draw more power than they should – this is why rewiring your home can help resolve these issues. If you want to know what you can do in the meantime, simply unplug any appliance that might be causing an issue and see if it helps.

5. Your Outlets Are Tarnished

This might not be an obvious sign for many people, but if your outlets are brown or have an orange tinge, then it’s time to have your whole home rewired. If you’ve been noticing that your outlets are not as efficient as they once were and need to be replaced more and more often, then this is a sign that something needs to be done about the wiring in your house.
You should consider rewiring your home simply because it’s the best option for preserving the electricity in your house. If you let this problem go then brown or orange outlets can actually start an electrical fire, and that is something that nobody wants to ever deal with.

6. You Smell Plastic

Although not everyone connects the dots, you can sometimes smell something that faintly smells like burning plastic – this is one of the most obvious signs that you have wiring issues. If you’ve ever noticed a faint electrical smell, then simply contact an electrician to get your whole home rewired.
This is actually quite dangerous if not dealt with swiftly, so don’t take any chances with an electrical fire. Although the consequences of leaving this problem to persist are not good, you can always resolve it by contacting your local electrician for rewiring your home.

You Smell Plastic

Having electrical problems is not something you should try to fix yourself – call an electrician immediately! With that being said, rewiring your home might be the only way to resolve all of these issues. It will help make sure that everything runs properly and safely, so never delay if you think this might be happening in your own home. While the process isn’t always convenient, it also offers up the chance to make your home better suited to your needs.

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