Repairing Your Durham NC AC Repair Problems by Durham NC AC Repair Pros

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Repairing Your Durham NC AC Repair Problems by Durham NC AC Repair Pros

Summers are becoming hotter every year. Of course, that depends on where you live, but it is a fact that the world is getting hotter each year due to global warming. The ozone layer has been damaged, and we have to sit and sweat in the heat. 

One way to combat the heat waves is to sit in an air-conditioned room. That is one of the appliances that most people are grateful for whenever they get out into the concrete jungle, which can be scorching for our bodies. Click on this link to read more. 

You want to get away from the sun and go into a place that is cool and comfortable. However, what happens when the air conditioning systems break down? If you have one installed in your home, you need to know what to do to make it work again. That is especially important if it happens during a heatwave since you will have to wait for a week for a repair expert to arrive. 

Additionally, the repair will certainly cost you a couple of hundred dollars. On the other hand, if you have tinkered with electronics before and you know how to read schematics, then you can take care of some problems on your own. That will take you a few hours, depending on the problem. Of course, if it is something that is out of your league, you should feel free to call a professional to handle it.

What to do? 

What to do

There are a few pointers that you should follow if you want to deal with the most frequent issues that arise with ACs. The only equipment you will need is a few socket sets, a couple of insulated screwdrivers, a voltage sniffer, and a multimeter. 

All these tools combined will cost you about fifty dollars, and the rest will be up to you. The benefit of checking all the most frequent issues is that if you cannot determine the problem, the service technician that comes to help will focus on a more difficult problem. 

Plus, the experience and knowledge you are going to get are going to help you know when some parts need to be updated and how to begin troubleshooting. Follow this link for more info:

No cooling 

No cooling

The most frequent issue is when the AC stops working during the summer, and no cool air can enter the room. The first thing you will need to do is to see whether the furnace fan turns on. If that happens, then it is not the furnace. Try to reset everything and turn it off and on again. 

This will start all the circuits from scratch. If it does not start automatically, you need to call a professional since the rest of the steps will not be of much help. You can also try looking at the exterior condensing unit. This is the part that is outside and makes a noise like a fridge. 

The fan needs to be working, and you need to feel warm air coming out of it. If that does not work too, turn everything off. When the electricity is turned off, you need to check all the cables that are flowing into the contactor. To do this, you will need to use the voltage tester and check every single cable to make sure there is not any power going into the unit.  

Replacement parts 

Replacement parts

The most common components that fail are capacitors. They are super small, but their job is quite important. When you know what they look like, it is quite cheap to replace them. Even if you have not had a problem with your AC, it is good to know about them. 

If the unit you have at home has been working for more than five years, then it is a great idea to replace these small parts. If you do not want to do it yourself, then air conditioning services in Durham could be of help. When you open the unit, the cylindrical parts are the capacitors. If one of them looks blown out, take a magnifying glass or use the zoom option on your phone to read what it says. 

Go to a hardware store and check if they have the same thing. You can also go online and look for those parts. Then you need to read a bit about the structure of the entire unit. When you are equipped with the knowledge, it is time to roll up your sleeves and turn off the power. 

Remove the plastic covering and use the voltage sniffer to see if the power is completely off. Then, try to find the condenser coils and clean them. Oftentimes they are located just under the lid. Take a hose from outside and aim at everything that looks dirty. 

You can set up the nozzle to force a bit more pressure and deep clean everything. As soon as you cover all the spots, take the hose, and flush out the dirt through the fins. When that is finished, check the fuses. If anything looks too black or brown, that is a signal that it may have blown, or it is in a phase of deterioration. 

If you replace the part, it might be a short-term solution, but you must check the network too. You will have to check with a professional since they have to see whether the other components are failing. An expert will come and check the situation. 

Electronic parts will always fail after a while, and that is always true about capacitors. The expert will take a look at all the things you haven’t noticed that have been putting a strain on the other parts. Their expertise will tell you whether you need to change just a part of the entire unit.

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