Important Traits of Successful Electricians

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Do you have the intention of becoming an electrician?

Are you about to enroll in the apprenticeship program in your location?

Are you an independent electrical contractor?

Important Traits of Successful Electricians

Whichever of these you are, you should know that the job of an electrician is increasing in demand especially in certain locations across the country.

The need for this specialized service is in both residential and commercial buildings. So, this means there is a wide surge in the number of people that need your service.

Some of the reasons for this include technological upgrades of power supply in houses and equipment, the newer inventions of alternative power generating systems, and the need to maintain all these things.

But despite the career prospects, some individual contractors still have difficulty getting clients in many parts. Why is this?

If you are up for answers you should read on as we will discuss the reasons here.  We will also discuss the practicable steps that will help improve the situation. But first, let us explain a bit about an electrician.

Who Is an Electrician?

This professional is one who is skilled and trained in the service of installing, repairing, and maintaining various kinds of electrical setups. Considering the ambiguous nature of the service rendered, it is important to understand where the service is carried out.

Is it for commercial or residential clients?

This goes a long way in explaining the kinds of peculiar services that can be conducted.

For instance, commercial clients with factories may require the service of an electrician to install, repair, or maintain a machine that is important for the production line.

However, some tasks are common to every electrician regardless of the client in question. An example of this is wiring. Electrical wiring is required for both commercial and residential buildings when construction is on-going.

For extensive information on the services rendered by these professionals, you can read this article.

Why Some Electricians Don’t Retain Clients

In this segment, we list and explain some reasons why some professionals in this business find it difficult to find clients. Solutions to these problems have also been discussed.

Wrong Location

Yes! We did start by saying there is an increasing demand for these professionals. However, you should know this is more in certain parts than others.

So, you may want to find out areas that are in serious demand and take advantage of that. By so doing, you will not have to get into a corporate tussle with others for fewer jobs.

Licensing Problem

Many clients rarely find discrepancies when they use the electrician apprenticeship program as a yardstick for hiring. However, the same cannot be said about operational licensing.

On this note, you should not take getting the required licensing for granted. And by this, we also mean that the accreditation and paperwork must always be up to date. This is a priority, especially for high-profile clients.

So, do not joke with this if you are serious about getting the fortune 500 and big guys to look in your direction. It matters a lot to them!

Publicity Problem

From a marketing viewpoint, you should understand that the best-sellers are not always the best services. Sometimes, the guys who are very good at what they do are not serious about their marketing campaign.

In light of this, you should know the importance of being noticed by prospective clients. This happens by taking advantage of every avenue to get your services known, as people can only hire you when they know your business exists.

As things are, the best way to do this is to conduct a radical digital marketing campaign. This will involve the use of easy to reach web pages with landing pages, social media marketing, and so on.

Apparently, this is not your area of core competence and it will only be wise to hire the right hands to assist. We are referring to SEO services. By so doing, you will be able to focus on your primary expertise while the SEO service handles all digital marketing technicalities.

Unavailability for Emergency Services

People require the services of electricians on an emergency basis a lot of times. As a result, qualified guys that cannot be accessed immediately are very likely to lose out. For this reason, you should ensure that you operate a 24-hour service or something close to it.

In fact, experience has proven that clients that reached out during emergencies are likely to be longstanding clients. So, you should see such a situation as a means of building a customer base.

Bad Customer Service Relationship

Your clients are the very heart and soul of your business. For this reason, you should not take their satisfaction lightly as the power of their referral is massive.

More often than not, your clients should have impressive comments to make about your service, approach, and disposition. No one wants to deal with people who do not value them or show that they do.

So, make it a culture code of dealing graciously with your customers and stick to that decision all the way.

Lack of Experience

Yes, experience does matter a lot in this business. This is especially for high-profile clients. These clients need to be certain that you have a portfolio that proves you can handle whatever job they give you.

As a result, you must gather enough experience to prove your worth. How do you do this especially as a starter?

One of the best solutions is leveraging on electrical outsourcing companies. These are companies that offer electrical services to a large number of clients. They get jobs and outsource them to electricians that have been hired by them.

You will be able to get the needed experience by starting this way. This is even though you may have to earn less than what you would as an individual contractor. However, you need to see the positive side of this decision as it is only for a while.

Also, this decision opens you up to a lot of training and retraining as such companies organize such for their hired electricians.

Finally, you get steady jobs this way as these companies are well patronized. This is because many of those in need of these services trust the way the companies are run.

You can visit to learn more about such companies.


In this article, we exposed electricians and intending ones to some basics they need to know about the industry.

The information shared here will help you make headway faster if you apply it. Go through them until you fully understand the points therein and immediately begin to implement them. In no time, you’ll begin to see results.

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