5 Factors to Consider When Looking for Modern Fitted Kitchens 

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Fitted kitchens are systematically planned and scientifically designed. They are highly functional and reduce the amount of effort required to prepare your meals. You will enjoy working in the space and have a fun time with your family.

Factors to Consider When Looking for Modern Fitted Kitchens


If you are searching the internet with terms like”fitted kitchens near me,” consider these factors to get the maximum value for your money.


Make Sure the Kitchen Makes Maximum Use of Space


When you shift into your new house, all you get is a space designated for the kitchen, with a sink attached. You have to convert it into a functional space. Make sure that the fitted kitchen will make the best use of available space.

There should be a well-defined space for everything you need in the kitchen, and yet it shouldn’t clutter the workspace, prep area, or the other countertops.


Check If the Kitchen Will Have Ample Storage Space


When you search using keywords like ”fitted kitchens near me,” you should ensure that the design allows ample storage space. There should be space for pantry items, crockery, and an area designated for the fridge and the oven.

The cabinets should cover the bottom of the counters, and you may prefer covered shelves at shoulder-height. The cabinet door should have smooth edges and close properly. That way, you can have everything you need within easy reach, and yet the kitchen will have a tidy and uncluttered look.


Check If All Your Appliances Will Have Built-In Spaces


Fitted kitchens have everything built into the walls. Your mixer-grinder, coffee machine, blender, and cake mixer can be incorporated into the walls. Keep at least a foot or two of open space around each appliance so that you can work around them.

Your cooking range should be in the middle and easy to reach and close to the prep area. Most modern fitted kitchens now have a landing in the middle, which acts as a counter or prep area when there is an extra kitchen activity.


Choose Your Appliances Before You Design


If you consider a modern fitted kitchen, you should pick the appliances beforehand. You will know the exact measurements of the appliances and how much space should you designate for each of them.

That way, you won’t have to worry about the designated nook being too small or too big compared to the appliance. Ensure that the fitted kitchen is made with the precise measurements so that there is least tampering with the design after the work is done.


Check the Material of the Kitchen Surfaces


A fitted kitchen is highly functional, and it is also very stylish because of the materials used to make it. However, if you have a busy lifestyle, make sure that the surfaces are easy to clean.

You shouldn’t have to scrub too hard to get stains off surfaces, nor should the scrubbing and cleaning affect the beauty of the surfaces. They should not scratch or scrape with the slightest touch.


When you choose modern fitted kitchens over a regular one, you take the first step towards a healthy home. A safe and happy kitchen gives you extra energy as well as peace of mind. You will not look at kitchen activities as a chore anymore. Instead, you will love the time you spend there and look forward to doing things for your family.

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