Can You Eliminate Bed Bugs on Your Own?

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Bedbugs are one of the most pervasive and obnoxious insects that can get into our homes.  They’re so small that we can’t stop them unless we’re looking for them, and they cause us tons of misery and discomfort.  If you’re scared of the price of a professional but want to get them out of your house- you’re not alone!  Here’s how to treat bed bugs and get rid of them once and for all!

Can You Eliminate Bed Bugs on Your Own


Meet Them Where They’re At


Locate where in your home the bedbugs are most active.  You can do this by checking people in your household’s skin since bed bugs leave a series of small red spots on their victims.  From here, you should investigate the mattress itself, since it will often have more proof.  Along the seams of the bed, if there are bedbugs, you’ll find a rusty red color on the fabric itself.  Although you may be able to see the bugs, it’s not very likely that you’ll spot them.  Inspect all of your mattresses to see which ones are infected.  If one has gone untouched, close that door and leave that bed alone until the infestation is over. 

Shake Things Up

Scrub the mattress sides with a hard-bristled brush to loosen the insects and their eggs.  You may feel biting during this, so try to complete this step during the daytime, when these bugs are least active.  By scrubbing and stirring them up like this, you’re leaving them vulnerable to your next line of attack!

Apply Insecticide

Because of the nature of where these bugs live and how sensitive people can be to pesticides, it’s preferred that the mattress and room be left vacant while you use insecticide.  You can avoid this step to some degree by using a heated steamer on the floorboards and bed, but this method isn’t compelling.  Instead, clean the room thoroughly, throwing away whatever you can- and sterilizing what you can’t- and then follow through with either a bug bomb or spray.  If you’re spraying, also aim for the floorboards and carpet, not just the bed.  If you’re using a bug bomb, make sure that your bed and all other furniture is at least six inches from the wall so that insects can’t climb up. Ventilate well before returning to the room.

Follow Up Daily

Unfortunately, there’s no way to get rid of these insects in just one day.  Getting them out of your house can take several days or weeks, depending on the surfaces of your home and how bad the infestation is.  To keep their numbers down and get rid of them, you should follow through and check your mattresses every day.  Follow these steps once a day, and eventually, they will go away.  Even after you think they’re gone, continue for at least a couple more days to ensure the eggs are gone as well.  After all of this, if you haven’t been able to get rid of them and they’re still biting, it’s time to call in the professionals.  You deserve to live bug-free!

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