Best Steam Cleaner Comparison Reviews (2017)

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Best Steam Cleaner Reviews

Cleaning is a necessary part of our daily lives; we do this household chore every day to keep our homes neat and germ-free, not just for ourselves, but for family and friends too. There is a sense of pride that comes from living in a clean house, and inviting your guest into your home.

Using the best cleaning tools will make the work easier and more effective, like a steam cleaner, which is proven to be a well rounded cleaning machine that can be used for multi purposes.

My #1 Recommendation

We compare many different steam cleaner models in below 3000 words. If you want to know which one I personally use and recommend for most people, it is the McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner.

It is simple and effective, affordably priced, and has all the features that the most of us will ever need. Click here to see its price and read more customer reviews.

Top 5 Best Steam Cleaner Products

To save you some time, check out our Steam Cleaner Comparison Table:

McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner
(Highly Recommend)
1,500W$$$ Check Price
PureClean XL
Rolling Steam Cleaner
1,500W$$ Check Price
Wagner 915 On-Demand Power Steamer and Cleaner1,500W$$$ Check Price
Homegear X100 Portable Multi Purpose Steam Cleaner1,500W$$ Check Price
Dupray HOME Steam Cleaner1,400W$$$$ Check Price

In purchasing a steam cleaner, it is important that you only choose the best. To help you do that, here is our take on the top 5 best steam cleaner products you might want to check out.

1. McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner (Our Best-Seller)

If you are looking for one of the best heavy-duty steam cleaners, check out this one from McCulloch. The McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner is a superb steam cleaner that is your best bet for all-around cleaning. Aside from the cleaning and sanitizing benefits you can get from it, this steam cleaner also has great features.

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It has an optimum steam power of 1,500W.

The McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner has optimum steam power, so you can use it in even the most tedious cleaning jobs! Since this steam cleaner is heavy-duty and very powerful, it is ideal for cleaning grills, furniture, motorcycles, cars, boats, and more. By using this powerful steam cleaner, we guarantee that your things will be dirt, bacteria and grease-free!

It has a large water tank capacity.

McCulloch MC1275 has a large water tank capacity of 48 oz, so it can be used for about 45 minutes of continuous steam cleaning. In addition, even though this steam cleaner has a large capacity, it is capable of heating up in just 8 minutes!

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It has a long power cord.

You can absolutely take this McCulloch Steam Cleaner anywhere in the house thanks to its 15ft. power cord! The lengthy cord lets you use this steam cleaner freely, without having to plug and unplug it as you go from room to room. And it also has caster wheels for added convenience and portability.

It is good for more than just home use.

You can use this McCulloch MC1275 to clean the garage, your vehicles, or your home! With this steam cleaner, you don’t have to buy other cleaning machines, since it can do what all those other, individual, cleaning machines can do. Plus, steam cleaners do not require disinfectants, cleaning naturally and without chemicals. As a result, you are going to save lots of money with this steam cleaner!

What customers like about this product is its steam lasts for a long period of time and it has a large water tank capacity. In addition, they like this product because it works well in cleaning objects and surfaces other than what’s inside the house.

2. PureClean XL Rolling Steam Cleaner (Our Runner-Up)

Do you want an effective and a reliable cleaner for your home or other uses? If so, I highly recommend this PureClean XL Rolling Steam Cleaner. This steam cleaner is definitely one of the best steam cleaners, with a solid and stylish structure. In addition, it also serves a lot of benefits to its users.

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It has a large water tank capacity.

This PureClean XL has a very large water tank, with a capacity of 1.5-liter. Compared to other steam cleaners, you do not need to refill it as often, making it hassle-free. In addition, this Steam Cleaner has one of the biggest water tank capacities among other portable steamers intended for household use.

It is adaptable and extendable.

When you purchase a Rolling Steam Cleaner, you get 5 Nylon Utility Brushes and 2 Extension Wands. These added materials allow you to clean objects and surfaces that are farther away or may need for you to climb and reach them. In addition, this Cleaner has 2 Microfiber Mop Pads and other parts upon purchase, which enable you to transform the steam cleaner according to your use.

With this feature, this steam cleaner makes your cleaning job easier and more hassle-free, since you can use it as needed, and there is no
need for you to unplug the steam cleaner and transfer it to another outlet.

It does not need chemicals for cleaning.

This PureClean XL does not require you to put chemical-based cleaning agents after using it, since this steam cleaner sanitizes as well as cleans. By using this steam cleaner, you can get rid of bacteria, dirt and dust.

What customers like about this product is it has a large water tank capacity and it has a lock feature, making it really safe from children’s use.

3. Wagner 915 (0282014) 1,500-Watt On-Demand Power Steamer and Cleaner (The Round-Up)

Are you looking for the most efficient steam cleaner on the market? Then try this Wagner 915 On-Demand Power Steamer and Cleaner! With the benefits you get from this steam cleaner, there’s not much more you can ask for.

It provides a quick way to clean and sanitize your home.

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This Wagner 915 Steamer and Cleaner provides you with the most natural way to clean and sanitize your materials and surfaces. It uses the power of hot steam to kill bacteria and remove dirt. In addition, using this Wagner 915 On-Demand Power Steamer and Cleaner on your equipment leaves it grease-free and looking good as new.

When you use this steam cleaner, it does not leave messy chemical traces on the objects you clean, since it doesn’t use chemicals and makes the surface have a clean and smooth feel. So, you get cleaning and sanitizing benefits in just one product.

It does more than just home cleaning.

Using this Wagner 915 is not limited to household cleaning purposes only. You can use it outdoors too, especially when cleaning barbecue grills, tires, camping materials or surfaces. Furthermore, you can even use this steam cleaner to clean appliances, vehicles or car parts,which tend to get really greasy and dirty.

Using this Power Steamer and Cleaner ensures that your surfaces are smooth, clean and grease-free. Which is why it is one of the best, since it serves an all-around purpose.

It has two modes of cleaning.

This Wagner 915 On-Demand Power Steamer and Cleaner has 2 cleaning modes: you can either use it continuously or with pauses. As a result, it provides you with more convenience and versatility.

In addition, it is easy to use on surfaces since it has a smooth motion when in use.

It is designed to remove wallpaper.

Are you thinking of removing your wallpaper? Well, this Wagner 915 Steamer is designed to remove wallpaper and it is 20% more effective than other unpressurized steamer. That’s why this steam cleaner is considered to be more powerful compared to other steam cleaners when it comes to wallpaper removal.

What customers like about this product is it is not limited to cleaning and sanitizing uses alone, but can also be reliably used in wallpaper removal.

4. Homegear X100 Portable Professional Multi Purpose Steam Cleaner (Best Value Under $100)

Spice up the way you do your cleaning with this Homegear X100 Portable Professional Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner! This steam cleaner is considered to be the best value among others of its kind.

It has an optimum steam power of 1,500W.

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With this kind of steam power, you can use this Homegear X100 Portable Professional Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner to easily do cleaning jobs that are hard and take up a lot of your time! Since this steam cleaner is heavy-duty and has a very powerful steam power, it can absolutely be used on vehicles like motorcycles, ATVs, trucks.

In addition, it can also be used in cleaning grills, furniture and boats. By using this Homegear X100 Portable Professional Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner, it ensures you that your things are free of bacteria, dirt and grease!

It is easy to setup and can be used for quite a long period of time.

It takes around 8 minutes to set up this Homegear X100 Portable Professional Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner to make it ready for cleaning, which is quite fast. In addition,  it can be used for as long as 37 minutes, so you can get everything done in one session!

With these features, this Homegear X100 offers you the ultimate in convenience,  with its quick setup and longer usage time.

It is a great value for money.

Compared to other steam cleaners that are more expensive, this Homegear X100 Multi-Purpose Cleaner does the same great job, for a lower price! Purchasing this Homegear X100 Portable Cleaner is totally worth it, since it has an optimum power and multi-purpose capability which makes it a great value for money.

Why choose more expensive steam cleaning products when you can have the Homegear Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner at a more affordable price?

What customers like about this product is it is more affordable compared to other steam cleaning products, but it provides the same benefits in cleaning and sanitizing objects, regardless if this steam cleaner is used in household or outdoors.

5. Dupray Steam Cleaner

Are you looking for one of the best steam cleaners? One that are simple in structure but full of great benefits and functionality? Then check out this Dupray HOME Steam Cleaner! This steam cleaner is one of the best when it comes to thorough cleaning, and it is also packed with lots of benefits for its users.

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It is chemical-free way of cleaning.

This Dupray Cleaner is a steam cleaner that uses the most natural way of cleaning and disinfecting, using pure, hot steam to get the job done. Steam is sufficient enough to kill and get rid of bacteria, dirt, dust and other allergens, so you don’t need anything else.

As a result, this Dupray does not require you to buy chemical-based cleaning agents, since the steam is enough to clean and sanitize. It can also save you  lots of money in the long run by using this steam cleaner!

It can be used for quite a long period of time.

There are times when we need to do a general cleaning in our household. This activity is tedious, but important, so you need to have a reliable cleaner you can take anywhere in the house you want to go. And that’s exactly what you can do with this Dupray HOME Steam Cleaner, as it offers you a longer period of cleaning time- as much as 40 minutes!

Compared to other steam cleaners, this cleaning time is much longer, thus, making you more productive. With these feature, you can have a hassle-free cleaning time.

It has an optimum steam power of 1,400W.

With this kind of steam power, you can use this Dupray Cleaner to make tedious cleaning jobs quick and simple! Since it is heavy-duty and has a very powerful steam power of 1,400W, it will leave objects and surfaces dirt, dust, bacteria, and grease-free.

Dupray HOME Steam Cleaner can be used to clean car interiors, floor, counter tops, toys and bathrooms. In addition, it can also be used to clean and sanitize where our family tends to make the most messes,  such as the kitchen and living room furniture.

By using Dupray, your home is free from bad elements and will continue to be free from it with its finest and heavy-duty steam power.

What customers like about this product is it is fully functional and it has an optimum steaming power. In addition, customers like this product because it can be used for quite a long period of time.

What is a Steam Cleaner?

A steam cleaner is a machine that helps you clean your home in the easiest and most natural way possible. It has a tank in which users put in water, which is then transformed into steam by subjecting it to intense heat. The resulting vapor is then used to sanitize surfaces.

In addition, not only do steam cleaners clean the surfaces of furniture, counter tops and floors, they can penetrate deeper to remove dirt from your mattress, rugs and carpets too! With this simple, but amazing appliance, you get cleaning and sanitizing benefits combined in one machine.

How does a steam cleaner clean and sanitize your home?

Best Steam Cleaner Reviews and Buying Guide

Steam cleaners have a cutting-edge technology that enables its steam to clean and sanitize surfaces such as stainless steel, fabrics and wood. It also penetrates down to the deepest levels of fabrics and other porous materials. Its steam penetrates from the surface down to make sure no stubborn dirt and bacteria is left behind,  without leaving any room for residue.

Steam cleaners are not limited to household use; even companies use this wonderful machine to clean their equipment and leave it sanitized and grease-free. Furthermore, steam cleaners can clean almost everything that is difficult to clean in the house! It can clean floors, household carpets, toilets and the stove or oven.

However, this machine should not be used to clean painted walls, brick or marble surfaces. Also, sensitive materials such as thin plastics and silk should be kept away from this appliance as well, as it may cause surface damage.

Benefits/Advantages of Owning a Steam Cleaner

It allows you to clean more areas

Using a steam cleaner allows you to clean areas that are hard to reach by using a steam mop or a vacuum cleaner. In addition, a steam cleaner can be used to clean any suitable area, from carpets to tubs. This wonder machine might just be all you need in cleaning.

Furthermore, keep in mind that steam cleaners do not only clean on the surface; they disinfect, too! In addition, using a steam cleaner on objects and surfaces with dirt, greases and stains that are hard to remove will solve these problems. Your things and place will look as good as new when you use a steam cleaner.

There is no need to get a disinfectant

Steam cleaners are not just perfect for cleaning, but for sanitizing, too. With the hot steam this machine gives off, bacteria and dirt will be eliminated in an instant! Therefore, forget about buying those cleaning agents and disinfectants because you are not going to need them at all!

All you need is one thing: water!

Most home cleaning appliances use electricity and require you to buy cleaning agents and disinfectants.

By having a steam cleaner for your home, you don’t need electricity, or those cleaning agents and disinfectants. All you need is one simple thing , which is water! With a steam cleaner being ‘fuelled’ by water, you get cleaning and sanitizing benefits in one machine.

What Features to Look for When Buying a Steam Cleaner

  • Sensitivity

Look for a steam cleaner that immediately stops after you release the button, because some steam cleaner users have complained about their steam cleaning machines leaving extra water on the cleaned surface. This makes the surfaces damp.

  • Portability

Look for a steam cleaner that is genuinely portable; something that you can conveniently carry around the house. In addition, also look for a steam cleaner that is compact, especially if you intend to use it on smaller areas where you have to carry it.

  • Performance

In choosing a steam cleaner, settle on the best-performing home appliance of its kind. Know its capacity and how it performs. Reading reviews will  help you a lot in your decision, so it is best to look for customer reviews regarding the steam cleaner you are planning to purchase before buying it.

  • Power

The principle is simple! if you want a more powerful steam cleaner, look for devices that have a high wattage. A steam cleaner with a wattage near 1,500W will enable you to steam clean bigger and more tedious things, such as garden tools or greases on a motorcycle.

  • Price

Choose a steam cleaner that is definitely worth the price. For reference, steam cleaners with bigger water tank sizes or capacity are usually more expensive. In addition, steam cleaners with extra accessories also come in a bit more expensive, too.

That’s why you should evaluate the steam cleaner to see if it is worth the price, if its inclusions serve the right purpose for your cleaning needs, and if it  will effectively help you clean in the best ways possible.

Types of Steam Cleaners and Mops

Steam cleaners that are designed for household cleaning purposes can be divided into 3 types:

Handheld surface steam cleaner

A handheld surface steam cleaner is a type of steam cleaner that is designed to clean hard and tough surfaces like countertops and bathtubs. By pressing this machine’s button, steam is emitted by the machine, which eliminates dirt without you having to scrub. In addition, handheld surface steam cleaners are environmentally friendly. They can do both cleaning and sanitizing jobs without the need for chemicals. This means that you do not need to use chemicals to get rid of the germs resulting from dirt-a Handheld surface steam cleaner is all you need.

Hard-floor steam cleaner

A hard-floor steam cleaner is a type of steam cleaner that is designed to clean floors made of hardwood or tiles. This kind of steam cleaner is usually referred to as a steam mop, which has a structure like a common mop, the only difference being it uses steam to clean surfaces. In addition, a hard-floor steam cleaner does not use suction power, but in the machine’s head area there is a machine-washable padding, which is used to wipe surfaces.

Upright steam cleaner

An upright steam cleaner is a type of steam cleaner that has a structure like an upright vacuum. This machine is used mostly on carpets and floors made of tiles and hardwood. This type of steam cleaner has a suction that vacuums dry dirt and moisture that it uses for cleaning the surface.

What is the Difference between a Steam Mop and a Portable Steam Cleaner?

Both a steam mop and a portable steam cleaner are effective at cleaning and sanitizing tools. However, there are
substantial differences between them that makes a portable steam cleaner the better option than a steam mop. These includes:

Portability and storage requirement

A portable steam cleaner is more handy and easier to use than a steam mop. Moreover, a portable steam cleaner is a smaller machine that requires only a small amount of storage space, whereas a steam mop has a longer build that requires more storage space.

Cleaning ability

Don’t get me wrong; steam mops and portable steam cleaners are both great for cleaning and sanitizing purposes. However, the big difference between them is their individual cleaning ability; steam mops are designed primarily for cleaning floors and portable steam cleaners are designed for cleaning any place in the house, floors or countertops, narrow or wide spaces.

A steam mop’s head is bigger and wider than a portable steam cleaner mop head, which is why it is best suited for cleaning floors, carpets or wide and flat spaces. On the other hand, the head of a portable steam cleaner is compact and small, allowing it to be used for cleaning spaces big and small, like tubs, floors, counter tops and any place that is hard to clean by a steam mop.

Safety Considerations and What to Pay Attention

To make the most out of your steam cleaner, it is best to keep these safety considerations in mind:

  • Only purchase steam cleaners that are certified to ensure utmost safety.
  • Unplug your steam cleaner before refilling the water tank with water or before changing accessories or attachments.
  • Do not use your steam cleaner to clean wooden surfaces for a long time.
  • Do not use your steam cleaner near an area with papers or thin woods.
  • Only use your steam cleaners on surfaces you believe can handle steam heat.
  • Temporarily put your steam cleaner down with care, especially when it is still in a hot condition.
  • Always wear footwear when using cleaning machines like this steam cleaner.

Maintenance and Clean-up Tips

Maintaining and cleaning a steam cleaner is simpler than you think. Just follow these tips below:

· Refill the water tank using distilled water.
To make your steam cleaner’s useful life longer, it is best if you refill the water tank with distilled water.

· Clean the steam cleaner’s brushes and paddings.
Since the steam cleaner’s brushes may acquire dirt and dust over time, it is best to regularly clean it to prolong its ability to rotate. In addition, remove the paddings of the steam cleaner and wash it regularly, since it can also accumulate dirt over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can this steam cleaner help people prone to allergies?

A: Steam cleaners can definitely help people prone to allergies, since it can effectively get rid of dirt, dirt mites, dust, bacteria and fungus which can be a source of allergies.

Q: How can this steam cleaner help people sensitive to chemicals?

A: Steam cleaners help people sensitive to chemicals since it does not use chemicals in cleaning! Steam gets rid of dirt and bacteria without the use of disinfects and other chemical-based cleaning agents; they do the cleaning and sanitizing magic just by using steam heat.

Customer Feedbacks

A lot of people are starting to use steam cleaners instead of other cleaning machines because of its versatility and its ability to do more than what these machines can do. Customers like steam cleaners because it helps them clean and sanitize their area without using any chemicals.

They like to use steam cleaners because it does not require much maintenance and enable them to save up for a long-term basis, because this machine only requires water. Lastly, customers like to use steam cleaners because it enables them to clean areas and surfaces that are hard to reach by using steam mops or vacuum cleaners.


The wonders a steam cleaner can do to make your cleaning chores better and easier is beyond expectation! Where else can you get a machine that cleans and sanitizes at the same time without using any chemicals? You can only get that by using a steam cleaner! Switch to using the best steam cleaner now and promote a more natural and chemical-free cleaning way!